Los profetas y el movimiento profético: Las verdades y los ministerios que están siendo restaurados (Spanish Edition) [Bill Hamon] on *FREE*. Dr. Bill Hamon, president of Christian International, is one of the most widely recognized prophetic ministers in the church today. He has functioned in the office. Prophets and Personal Spanish (Spanish Edition) [Bill Hamon] on un libro muy interesante y educacional, en el cual tu puedes aprender mucho.

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Bill Hamon – El Día De Los Santos

This book is an absolute must for anyone who has ever heard or even thought they heard from God. Read their comments in the front pages of this book. Prophets and Personal Prophecy, God’s Prophetic Voice Today, makes incredible strides towards restoring Personal Prophecy to the Church and is the only book of its kind. Account Options Sign in. Seventy Reasons for Speaking in Tongues: More than million Christians have received the gift of the Holy Spirit, yet most do not utilize this precious gift to its full potential.

And many who do speak in tongues on a regular basis do not fully understand all the benefits this gift brings.

You can utilize the gifts of the Holy Spirit through speaking in tongues by learning: Prophets and Personal Prophecy: There are More examples of personal prophecy in Scripture than in any other biblical subject. Putting Personal Prophecy in proper perspective The nature of Personal Prophecy Decisions of marriage, business and geographic moves Guidelines for handling Personal Prophecy God’s purposes for Prophets.

Hamon takes readers on a journey throughout the history of the church. Beginning at the origination of the church in the 1st Century, he proceeds to its deterioration during the Middle Ages to the restoration of the church from the time of the Reformation to the present. The Day of the Saints: All creation longs for that day – The Day of the Saints.

This day is on God’s prophetic timetable and is the day when the Saints will fulfill all the Scriptures regarding Christ’s glorious church. The Day of the Saints is written with a sense of urgency and a surge of passion about God’s great plans for His end-time people. With prophetic clarity, author Bill Hamon, fits together the Biblical billl and the spiritual power that will prepare and propel the saints of God into the world.


The saints of God are called to take the message of the Kingdom into the marketplaces of the world and Dr.

Hamon shows how all of history has been moving towards this magnificent end. How Can These Things Be?: Bill Hamon June 16, 2. In How Can These Things Be, prophetic pioneer and apostolic leader Bill Lbros helps you live triumphantly in an age of compromise—as he exposes some of the most shocking and controversial issues in the church.

Become equipped to stand strong as you learn: In these last days, the hammon of deception is close to your front door—in pews, pulpits and pop culture. Learn to identify false messages and messengers and escape their deadly threat! Prophetic Scriptures Yet to Be Fulfilled: The Church has now entered a new era of Christianity—the Third Reformation.

God fulfilled specific purposes in the First and Second Reformation, likewise a major purpose of His will be fulfilled in this age. In the end, the restoration of all things spoken of by the apostles and prophets will release Jesus to return and set up His domain over all the earth.

Covers each of the eight reasons the author has identified as to why God created the human race. Beginning with God’s command and mandate to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, this work discusses each reason in order of importance, from greatest to least, while buttressing each point with scriptural support and illustrations.

God’s Weapons of War: Bill Hamon October 2, 2.

Los profetas y profecía Personal : La Voz Profética de Dios Hoy by Bill Hamon (2001, Paperback)

For years, we have learned principles of individual spiritual warfare. Yet as the end times are upon us, the forces of darkness are intensifying their attacks around the world. For this next season, says renowned prophetic leader Dr. Bill Hamon, we as the church must up the ante and learn to fight on a higher level than we ever have, in corporate spiritual warfare.


With wisdom, urgency, and keen prophetic insight, Hamon lays the biblical foundation for this final level of warfare and shows how we, as the church, can prepare to work in unity to become the army of the Lord.

He lays out the weapons available to us in this new battle front and reveals a plan for destroying the works of the devil and advancing God’s kingdom on earth. Now is the time to rise up, fight back together, and secure the ultimate victory in Christ.

Prophetic Words for Larry Sparks January 1, 2.

El Diccionario Del Profeta/ The Prophet’s Dictionary – Paula A. Price, Bill Hamon – Google Books

What is the Holy Spirit saying for ? Featuring both world-renowned prophets and emerging prophetic voices, this compilation of timely prophetic words offers a revelatory presentation of insights that provide perspective, direction, hope, and encouragement for the coming season. How did you and the world around you begin? How did we become as we are today? Join me on an bkll journey, before time began, and behold the beginning of all things.

Watch your history, present purpose, and future unfold with new elation that will thrill and fulfill the greatest longings of your soul. You will gain new insight on some of the most perplexing questions of life: If God is Love, why does He allow suffering, evil, war, and death? Out of the billions of people on earth, is there a special purpose and place for me? Can my life be meaningful, fulfilling, and even eternal?

Why was I created with the freedom to choose good or evil? Bill Hamon has written lobros powerful books, but this one will especially open your heart to ideas you may never have considered.