Le Grand Meaulnes has ratings and reviews. Sempre que me cruzava com este livro vinha ao Goodreads e ao ver a média de estrelas (3,77) perdia. : EL GRAN MEAULNES () by Alain Fournier and a great BRUGUERA: LIBRO AMIGO, , IDIOMA: CASTELLANO. : El gran meaulnes () by Alain Fournier and a great selection of similar New, Cubierta sucia, interior del libro en buen estado.

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Throughout this period he was mulling over what would become his celebrated novel, Le Grand Meaulnes.

A unique and dream-like book about youthful ardour and longing. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. They had all those big philosophical treatises to write, but then kept getting distracted by the latest Twilight prequel. The book is full of descriptions like the below — meandering paragraphs that seem to redefine ‘evocative’, filled with ellipses, inviting the reader to marvel meaulnds imagine.

There are others for whom the day will break like a pang of remorse; and others who are tired, for whom the night will never be long enough to give them the rest that they need.

Trivia About Le Grand Meaulnes. The result was a haunting ability to remain in my memory with a sort of nostalgia for the reading that I have ra A unique and dream-like book about youthful ardour and longing.

Il meaullnes della festa. The literary world is so much the poorer for his loss as well as for the loss of many more novels he surely would have written. It is telling, for me, that Meaulnes, once he and Yvonne are reunited, libri deflated or disappointed and actually leaves at the first opportunity. Lists with This Book. Le Grand Meaulnes revisited”. I guess in a way translated works of fiction llbro like that, lacking an ingredient. Of everyone, I was most drawn to Jasmin Delouche. However, that same year, he joined the army and died sl in the battlefront.

No one should read anything i This book, along with a few others in various languages, is a real test of the very idea of translation. Although there is a story to an extent, the main factors for me were the universal feelings that would arouse the senses, with a nostalgic youthful spirit and the true meaning of an adolescent friendship shining through. Moreover, one sometimes cannot help but place important people in places where they cannot have been, or one feels their presence hanging over certain incidents that they were not part of.


Haven’t been able to find a free English translation. Le Grand Meaulnes was his only novel, filmed twice and gan now considered one of the greatest works of French literature. Desapareceu, em mequlnes de Setembro dedurante uma batalha.

The marsh was a gradual discovery. Naturally, if one has not read the book before, all of this is intriguing.

Le Grand Meaulnes – Wikipedia

Or maybe, having discovered Woody Allen before James Dean, it’s because I’m sentimental for my own sort of coming-of-age story. But because I did not have any other fiction unread meaulns my bookshelves I continued reading. Finally, like GatsbyLe Grand Meaulnes is also a sad love story. Scott Fitzgerald ‘s novel, The Great Gatsby. A provincial yet quite spellbinding story. The descriptions of the seasons are some of the prettiest I can recall.

I thought too that our youth was over and we had failed to find happiness. Livro the book’s charms work for the older reader?

All the life of the author ilbro influenced, moved round a single afternoon, when he met Yvonne, which is the name of the main female character in Le Grand Meaulnes. However, to give the impression that Le Grand Meaulnes is nothing more than a kind of teenage fantasy or fairy-tale, or even a pacey mystery, is to undersell it. And, for me at least, it’s really, really gram to believe that this novel can be translated into any other language. Apr 14, Sheyda Heydari Shovir rated it really liked it.

Because of his tallness, he acquires the nickname “grand”. Bran events that subsequently continue to bring together and pull apart Meanlnes, Yvonne, Franz, and his would-be bride Valentine, and various “bohemian” youth of the region continue in Francois’s narrative for the next three years until the story comes to its melancholic conclusion. The party was being held to welcome Frantz and the girl he was to marry, Valentine.


The title character in Le Grand Meaulnes is a year-old student, Augustin Meaulnes, who arrives at a boys’ school in rural France, about At this time he published some essays, poems and stories which were later collected and re-published under the name Miracles.

View all 10 comments. Each day, as our courage increased, we penetrated deeper into it, crawling and hopping from tree mound to tree mound, until we had mapped out quite a large area in our imaginations. The book was made into a film by Jean-Gabriel Albicocco in He meaunles studied at the merchant marine school in Brest.

Le Grand Meaulnes

The party had a dreamy, surrealistic feel to it until Meaulnes heard from the sad, young groom that the wedding was off because the fiancee fled. It is a bittersweet story that everyone, young and old, can identify with. The rest did not seem necessary and I think I even zapped!

As Augustin and Francois glimpse an enchanting place, reading this felt like seeing a source of favourite stories and ideas. However when she fails to appear, Frantz attempts suicide but fails.

Le Grand Meaulnes by Alain-Fournier

The plot doesn’t bear too much scrutiny however that is not the point. Mysterious abandoned house in the middle of a jungle… kids…girls dancing This is always a powerful theme, and in one way or another is the emotional substratum of much literature.

And I – who have lost my day – what right do I have to wish that tomorrow comes? Inhe quit his job to become the personal assistant of the politician Casimir Perrier. Alain-Fournier interrupted his studies in and from to he performed his military service. This melody, which I’ve never heard before, is a kind of prayer to happiness, an entreaty asking fate not to be too cruel, a salutation to happiness and at the same time a genuflexion