This review first appeared in the July issue of hi-end hifi magazine High Fidelity of Poland. You can also read this review of the Krell Si in its original . All: Any critiques or recommendations for the Krell Si Integrated? The thing apparently weighs a ton and delivers: Watts into 8 ohm The very first thing that impressed me about this ‘first from China’ Krell (origin unambiguously printed on the rear panel), was the sheer mass of the packed unit .

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Rega is known as rhythmic and mellow with deep bass; at slight sacrifice of clarity.

Krell Si Integrated Amplifier Reviewed

Latest Amplifier Reviews Nov This review first appeared in the July issue of hi-end hifi magazine High Fidelity of Poland. Whereas many integrated amp have trouble driving loudspeakers that drop below a nominal 8-ohm impedance, the Si merely yawns at such challenges. Interfaces-Ports iPod Supported Yes. Inspired by my Electric Ladyland Experience, I got up from my living room seating position and headed into my Mac Pro to find the UK naked chick cover art for the album and returned back to see the ladies of Polydoor Records in London in all of their glory.

Yet there is a catch.

What Hi-Fi?

This system would start not just my passion for audio, but would lead to a career in specialty audio that included an early gig selling gear at Bryn Mawr Stereo en route to even more high end locales in Southern California like Christopher Hansen Ltd. In the first few notes you can almost hear 030i analog hiss of krell effect pedal and the blur of the effect doesn’t sound blurry when listening to the Krell in my system.


kkrell Physical Characteristics Width Jimi legendarily did really have a way with the women even in the late s. The in and out of the time machine swirling audio effects, while clearly studio manufactured, were believable, dynamic and resolute. Technically, that is ideal amplifier behaviour and strongly suggests a highly specified power supply and a very robust output stage.

Of course the room extends another 8 feet for the dining area. Taking everything into account: Music through the Krell is more flesh and blood, three dimensional than with the Onkyo. The way I interpreted it.

Krell Si any good |

Its sound is built for speed and for the critical analysis x a recording—not a rough translation. Overdrive of even 6dB remained clean without latching or other misbehaviours, even up to W 8ohms at 20kHz.

The special bit comes into play when you see that power output doubles to watts per channel as the load impedance drops. Krell to me is like McIntosh. Just looking for any owners of Krell equipment similar to this entry level. Added to this is an inherently lively and upbeat nature that rates better than much of the competition on rhythm and timing, moving significantly towards the involvement we take for kerll from a number of Naim designs.

While the movie had some issues for me including Chevy Chase basically repeating his repairman role from Fletch – the movie was laugh-out-loud funny at times. So far so good, and you should be in no doubt that a Si krsll a capable amplifier well worthy of consideration.


When we say Accuphase, we think of a precise, thorough but also somewhat sweet sound.

Of course my Harpia Dobermann speakers and cabling were part of that success but still, Krell delivered a very strong show of character. More than 5 years now that I think of it. Chamber music and large scale music are well served.

I have owned my Krell Si for a number of years. I am not looking to replace my Creek Evolution 50A, but I can get this Krell for the same price I paid for my Creek if it is really worth the trouble.

The new has four 4,uF reservoirs per channel and of course that much larger toroid. My only other question, in comparison to other amps you’ve heard, is it safe to assume the Krell does a very good job at presenting an immersive sound stage?

AudioAdvisor had a demo available in my price range when I was shopping. Drums have that quick percussive sound. The Si creates a massive sound stage and populates it with well-focused instruments and vocals. I honestly do not have the opportunity to audition the Krell and am looking for more feedback as to the “type” of sound Which is a positive trait Lrell had written a response and.

The down three-goal comeback when down three games to zero in the series helped in my enjoyment irell.