Karl von Eckartshausen. Written and compiled by George Knowles. One of the greatest influences on theological and philosophical thought of the 18th century. : The Cloud upon the Sanctuary (): Karl Von Eckartshausen, Arthur Edward Waite, J. W. Brodie-Innes, Isabelle De Steiger, Edward. Editorial Reviews. Language Notes. Text: English (translation) Original Language: German The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary – Kindle edition by Karl Eckartshausen. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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Written and compiled by George Knowles.

Popular during his own time he was a prolific writer of books, papers and articles covering such subjects as: Eckartshausen was born in a Bavarian castle called Haimbhausen on the 28 th June He was the illegitimate son of Count Carl of Haimbhausen and his union katl the daughter of his estate overseer, Marie Anne Eckhart. Because of this, his father used all his power and prestige to help and support his son, and took great pains to ensure he received the best of educations.

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This led him to a tendency to withdraw from the world at large and seek solitude, a characteristic that endeared him to his family and friends. Despite this early reticence, he was destined for a career of some public importance. He was first educated at the college of Munich, and in entered the University of Ingolstadt for the study of Philosophy and Law.

Taught by eckartsgausen mainly Jesuit faculty, Eckartshausen excelled in all his studies and finished four years later with University honours and a Doctors Degree kael Divinity. His father then procured for him an honorary position as Aulic Advisor and Councilor to the supreme court of the emperor, the Bavarian Prince Elector, Karl Theodor.

InEckartshausen was admitted to the Academy of Sciences in Munich, and applied himself to further academic studies in natural sciences. Like himself, Sterzinger was interested in the hidden meanings of Magic, Alchemy and Phenomena.


His position to high office was eckartsuausen inwhen he was appointed to a salaried post as Censor of the Library at Munich. As censor, he specialized in Criminology and was charged with the revision of Laws and Literature. His work helped to shape his ideals and influenced him greatly, so much so that he became a defender of the weak and suppressed.

Sadly the marriage was short lived, for she died of unknown causes just two years later. After her death inhe married again. This time to Gabriela von Wolter, daughter of Johann Anton von Wolter, the personal doctor to the Prince Electorand director kar, the Medical faculty at the University.

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Soon afterwards a baby daughter was born, named Sophia Teresia Gabriela. In he was promoted again and raised to the affluent office of Keeper of the Archives of the Electoral House, a position especially conferred upon him by the Prince Elector.

His early rise to such high office and affluence, caused him many enemies among those less fortunate, but his favour and closeness with the Prince Elector protected him. Despite his dissenters and high office, privately, Eckartshausen remained a man of virtue and high integrity, and donated much of his wealth to the poor and needy. His work as censor and archivist, to which he devoted much of his time, also allowed him to read and study widely.

He was a prolific writer and authored well over a hundred articles, producing such varied papers as: A religious man, Eckartshausen he was profoundly interested in metaphysical, theosophical and religious though, and inpublished a major work entitled: Principles of Higher Knowledge. His other major works included: Many of these works are now forgotten and reside on dusty eckartshauesn in old museums and libraries, occasionally taken down and dusted for kxrl interest of academics.


Eckartshausen died on eckartsyausen 13 th May after a painful illness, and while most of his writings have now been forgotten, he left a lasting legacy, which still remains and inspires us today. eckqrtshausen

Waite in his introduction to the current edition describes it as: Introduction to The Cloud upon the Sanctuary – by A.

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