Jakow Trachtenberg spent years in a Nazi concentration camp and to escape the horrors he found refuge in his mind developing these methods. Some of the. Trachtenberg Speed Math software based on Jakow Trachtenberg’s speed math algorithms developed during WW II while imprisoned in Nazi camps. The Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics. $ Paperback. Books by Jakow Trachtenberg. Showing 1 Result Books: Advanced Search.

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The upheaval of his early years seemed to have been left behind. Parting with the last of her jewels and money, she bribed and coerced and managed to have him transferred surreptitiously to another camp just before the sentence was to be carried out.

Not only did the child learn to compute, but his IQ rating was traachtenberg.

Trachtenberg system

And whenever the rule calls for adding half of the neighbor, always add 5 if the current digit is odd. Jun 10, Michael rated it did not like it Shelves: He became their leader.

The Trachtenberg system which has been thoroughly tested in the Switzerland, starts at the real beginning-in basic arithmetic where the student first encounters difficulties and jjakow to acquire an emotional attitude that will cripple him in all his mathematical work.

Children extremely weak in mathematics displayed genius-like mathematical abilities after learning the system. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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Neelesh rated it really liked it Jun 28, Known as the ‘shorthand of mathematics’, it is applicable to the most intricate problems. The methods usually involve less writing down intermediate steps, but all the same calculations are there. Track your best time automatically Track your performance with TSM’s customizable scoring system Everything the book teaches you and more!

Most fellow prisoners around jakos gave up hope and died even before being sent to their death. M Kashif rated it it was amazing Feb 21, Splitting the dividend into smaller Partial Dividends, then dividing this Partial Dividend by only the left-most digit of the divisor will provide the answer one digit at a time.

The Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics

His eagerness and warmth, his intense will to live, were still part of him. He set his mind on developing methods to perform speed mathematics.

Popularity Popularity Featured Price: The rest of this article presents some methods devised by Trachtenberg. The feeling of accomplishment leads to greater effort and success. But in one read, it seems more complicated than what I’d expected it to be. A year-long survey conducted by the Educational Testing Service of Princeton University revealed that arithmetic is one of the poorest-taught subjects in our schools and noted that there has been little or no progress in teaching arithmetic in this country in the past century; that the important developments that have taken place in mathematical science since the seventeenth century have not filtered down into our grade and high schools.


They would write it out starting with the rightmost digit and finishing with the leftmost. Trachtenberg devised a new system of teaching mathematics while incarcerated in a Nazi concentration camp — true story! High to Low Avg.

The Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics by Jakow Trachtenberg

He not only offers methods to compute the I read this book long ago more than 10 years There’s a problem loading this menu right now. I’m referring to the idea that arithmetic IS mathematics, and that being good at mathematics means being good at arithmetic.

Trachtenberg, a brilliant engineer with an ingenious mind, originated trahtenberg system of simplified mathematics while spending years in Hitler’s concentration camps as a political prisoner. You get to practice hundreds of thousands of math problems with no limit whatsoever.

Trachtenberg system – Wikipedia

The children’s trachtfnberg to the new, easy way of doing arithmetic was immediate. What made the exhibition of mathematical wizardry more amazing was that these were children who had repeatedly failed in arithmetic until, in desperation, their parents sent them to learn this yrachtenberg. An intermediate sum, in the form of two rows of digits, is produced. Accompanied by his wife, he escaped to Vienna where he became editor of an international scientific periodical.