Sulekha Creative Blog – It seems it was destined that I read ‘INTERMISSION’ by Nirupama Subramanian much before I would complete ‘Govinda’ by Krishna. My review on the book by Nirupama Subramaniam – Intermission. Smita recommended this book on my review of the Author’s first book. Varun, lives a ordered, boring, not-so-happily married life with his wife.

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At a recently held book launch, Consultant, corporate trainer and author Nirupama Subramanian launched her second book Intermission.

A double pat on the Author’s back for concluding the story which satisfies the culture of India: Subramanian reveals, “The love-affair leaves Varun shaken and turns Sweety’s nirupamaa little world upside down.

The way the story unfolds is quite nicely handled, without making it sleazy or cheap.

Intermission by Nirupama Subramanian

The coolness of her name plagues B. This book, like most of the other Indian fiction work, is based on complicated urban relationships and adultery.

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this one From expats to the local people from Harayana, Gurgaon is the melting pot of people from across India and abroad.

Very well-written by Nirupama Subramanian and I am going to read her other book “Keep the Change” very soon after I finish the book I started yesterday! Intermission was mirupama in July After a tumultuous affair, Sweety realises that love isn’t everything; everybody has to adjust and make compromises, sentiment echoed by the authors as she signs off philosophically, “There’re multi-levels of love, it’s not uni-dimensional.


Nirupama Subramanian unplugged

And all the characters feel real. Zarreen rated it really liked it Dec 26, Gayatri was the character who appealed the most to me.

Many Gurgaonites have access to pools, whether it is at a […]. Read online chat transcript of Nirupama Subramanian about On her book ‘Intermission’. But he eventually comes very close to divorce his wife and marry Sweety.

Intermission by Nirupama Subramanian Goodreads Author. Why should gender enter the picture?

A beautifully told story of illicit love and divided loyalties, Intermission explores lives within a gated community with just the right touch of irony and compassion. Yes, it was predictable in places. Indian fiction mirrors changing man-woman relationship. She gets married at young age and as happens in most of the arranged marriages in India, devotes her life to her dubramanian and new family. Varun is pleased to be back and running his own business; Gayatri yearns for her friends and her life in the US and dislikes the transparently divisive society she has been flung back into.

INTERMISSION by Nirupama Subramanian | Sulekha Creative

Read Nirupama Subramanian Chat Transcript: Women at Work admin T That happens so much! The author has explored various aspects of love in the book – the love of a skbramanian for subramaniian old parents, love between a married couple based on companionship and respect and romantic love.


Will the GenNext care for Shakespeare? Two reasons behind it — A Lately I have kind of lost the motivation to read books, this will help me finish at least one every week.

Nirupama Subramanian unplugged | books | Hindustan Times

BTW, Keep the Change, her earlier one, is a fun-read, too Very well-written by Nirupama Subramanian and I ijtermission going to read her other book “Keep the Ch Loved this book for 2 reasons Now, with the masters so engrossed in their work, it’s hard to tell who calls the shot in the house. No shops, no temptation, no trouble!

It is almost as Nothing new in that! We all believe that women should and […].

Even the prude in you would begin sympathising and empathising with the dilemmas faced by the protagonists – such is the kind of semantic magic Nirupama has woven into this one Sangeeta rated it really liked it Dec 15, November 28th, 0 Comments.