The Polish journalist whose The Soccer War and The Emperor are counted as classics of contemporary reportage now bears witness in Imperium to the. Journalist Kapuscinski (The Soccer War) wandered across the Soviet Union from to His rewarding, sharply observed travelogue illuminates the. Imperium. Ryszard Kapuscinski, Author, Klara Glowczewska, Translator Vintage Books USA $16 (p) ISBN

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A beautifully crafted book detailing the author’s travels through significant swathes of the old Soviet Union.

The travelogue aspect of the narrative can give this a slightly disjointed feel but, after all, this makes no claim to be a definitive history but rather a collection of encounters and personal reminiscences partially illuminated by Kapuscinski’s episodic forays into immperium history of the Russian Empire. The snow was burying us more and more, blanketing us with a white, soft sheepskin. Nov 23, Luis rated it it was amazing.

From here Kapuscinski jumps again to the early 60’s, where he visits what the satellite states of the Soviet Union which he collectively refers to as the south. This page was last edited on 19 Mayat I walked further, but on the next street, the same thing; many people.

Open Preview See a Problem? It is perhaps useless to speculate on the psychological processes that lie behind such acts of geographical displacement: If one were to collect the energy of suffering emitted by the millions of people here [Magadan, Russia] and transform it into the power of creation, one could turn our planet into a flowering garden.

When I still see some people vindicating kpuscinski figure of Stalin or communism, it seems to me they are even worse than nazis, they are the most repugnant and vile beings. Imperium is brilliant analysis coated in excellent writing, a masterclass in realpolitik in understandable terms. I wanted to find an empty courtyard, but everywhere children were playing. On one hand this is what always makes his writing so alive, something to go back to and read again, so informative.


Aug impedium, Pages Buy. View all 3 comments. That his stories is as intriguing, even when he hardly experience “what the war looks like on the ground” is a clear sign that his capabilities as dramaturg and writer can make up for a rather thin story.

I wanted to place imperuum somewhere, but I didn’t know where. It is a triumphant combination of bleak history and black comedy. It was a beautiful gesture, him telling me about this candy, for we had stopped dreaming of sweets long ago. The full text of this book review is only available to subscribers of the London Review of Books. The desire to save one’s world. He starts in what was a part of Poland, and goes to Here is a tour through the ruins of empire.

Return to Book Page. His description of the ‘Stans for spelling’s sake are also excellent. The persecutions and wars that began with the October Revolution and that lasted for decades were marked by an almost incomprehensible series of mass exterminations; between and an estimated million citizens of the USSR perished of unnatural causes.

Here is a tour through the ruins of empire. I have kapuscniski bought and read each of this other books if that tells you anything. It stirs our imagination and gives us energy; we begin to act.

It’s brilliant, beautiful, weird, astonishing, prescient, haunting and sometimes darkly comedic; filled with word-pictures that seemed imperijm like the glittering tesserae of a smashed mosaic. Hands and feet went nub.

He travels to Kolyma, in the nethermost region of Siberia, to the central Asian “-stans”, intimating to readers the kaleidoscope of cultures whose physical and mental distance from Moscow illustrates the imperial nature of the Soviet Union, to his own birthplace in Pinsk, once in Poland and now in Belorussia, where he actually begins his book with reminiscences of his boyhood in a country invaded by one and kapuscijski another – and yet again – totalitarian states Why, our mothers could boil some waters in these cans and offer us a sweet, aromatic drink!


Imperium by Ryszard Kapuscinski | : Books

The whole time I have before my eyes the vision of Nikolai Fiodorov. What about Anna Andreyevna?

This is a devastating picture of Russia [that] penetrates deeply into the depressing truths of 70 years of Soviet rule, the borders, the fear, the inhumanity…. Where once there was no future beyond a bleak existence now emerged at least a chance to determine national fates. To warm themselves, the children played tag. Stalin was expert on history, economics, poetry, and linguistics.

And what is that for? Armenian consciousness was always infused with a sense of impending ruin.

What about Anna Andreyevna?

Lists with This Book. I doubt that this book will be read widely, especially in the U. Its English translation by Klara Glowczewska was first published in The second part of the book, From a Bird’s-eye Viewmakes up over one half of the book, and is a travelogue from his lone trips around the Soviet Union during its collapse. The beauty of the writing pulls this together into a meditation on a collapsing empire and a changing of the world order with all the chaos kspuscinski transformation that is involved.

She isn’t the least surprised. A delicious luxuriant flame burst out.

The fingers, delicately and imperceptibly, but very carefully, very vigilantly, roll the grain about.