Praise. Praise for How We Love “How We Love has the capacity to change not only your marriage but every relationship that’s important in your life.”. How We Love has ratings and 99 reviews. In How We Love, relationship experts Milan and Kay Yerkovich draw on the powerful tool of attachment theory. How We Love. Milan and Kay Yerkovich explain why the ways you and your spouse relate to each other go back to before you even met. Drawing on the.

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The Love Style Quiz

And I actually don’t know how I lo “When something is broken you cannot repair it unless you understand how it works That type of understanding is essential for the Christian, as they are called to live a life where their actions attempt to put others before jerkovich, and in doing so they yerkoich understand how other people think and behave in order to determine w Although unmarried, this book has a lot to offer in terms of self-awareness of the way in which we love.

I would highly recommend How We Love whether you are in a relationship yfrkovich not – I found it to be very insightful and helped me look at a lot of things in my past that I didn’t realize were affecting me still in my life.

I am dishonest at times to avoid conflict. When looking for a marriage partner, they feel something missing with someone yerkovivh does not have soul words to express the many emotions and thoughts inside. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Want to Read saving….


How We Love: Discover Your Love Style, Enhance Your Marriage

Are you struggling under a load of resentment? They often choose mates with whom vulnerability is relatively easy and safe. When someone leaves home with an ideal imprint, we call olve a secure connector.

The Power of Love. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. For me that was refreshing to not have examples that stuck men and women in roles traditionally thought of but to jerkovich that man or woman is prone to any of the love styles. Yes, it is THAT good.

To ask other readers questions about How We Loveplease sign up. The authors don’t do enough in parts to promote part 4. But we have discovered so much more about ourselves and each other as a result of reading this.

How We Love: Discover Your Love Style, Enhance Your Marriage by Milan Yerkovich

The visual of the “Comfort Circle” and having a list of “Soul Words” to use, is an incredible help in learning how to communicate emotions to each other in a respectful, non-threatening way. The last book that we read by a married couple got muddy in some areas, because we did not know who was saying what.

Then it ws into nitty gritty marriage stuff. But I have decided upon finishing the book that this reading of it was cursory at best and I ordered it, with the workbook included, through Amazon and will be going back through it giving it the time it deserves so I can learn.

Love Style Quiz – How We Love

When a friend was describing its premise to me yeroovich few weeks ago I was intrigued. My marriage is different today because of the simple, profound help I discovered in these pages. These last two are considered to be different ways people respond to growing up in a chaotic environment.


After describing what they call a “secure connector,” the Yerkoviches discuss five primary attachment styles: Crying kids really annoy me; if they were my kid, it would stop. I am thrilled that more couples will learn how to strengthen their relationships through the tools described in this book.

I went into this one thinking I’d find insight on how to strengthen an already strong marriage. The book How We Love leads the reader through a few basic questions and then some basic, sub-questions and the answers to those questions tells so much!

This is not only helpful for married couples, though it is extremely helpful in this context. Wonderful guide to learning compassionate conflict resolution skills.

See all books by Milan YerkovichKay Yerkovich. This book was revelatory for me. However, I finished the book with many practical ways to increase my emotional connection to my husband as well as how to create healthy emotional patterns in our four boys.

Where Buddhism Meets Neuroscience. There are many ideas that This book was recommended to me by a friend who is also a marriage and family therapist. Jan 30, Holly rated it really liked it. They unpack four main love styles that couples tend to fall into, all based on answering the question “How olve you comforted as a child?