Find great deals for Honeywell CM Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Two wire, volt free connections are ideal for use with combination boilers. Wireless communication between thermostat and receiver box. | eBay!. Honeywell CM Thermostat at competative prices.

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Enter your email to be informed when this product arrives: Send Close Enter your email to be informed when this product arrives: Do I need the stat and receiver unit or just stat?

If this is not a similar replacement then what is? You can just replace the thermostat 13A15it will bind to your existing receiver. I have recently moved into a large Honeyqell house. There are 3 heating zones in the house controlled by 3 CM thermostats. The radiators in the 3rd zone are permanently on. Will there be a 3rd valve somewhere in the system and if so how the heck do i find it???

Any advice or help would be appreciated as my local heating expert has just about given up!!

Honeywell CM Wireless 7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat | Wireless Programmable Thermostats

It will be installed, and wired to, the receiver for that zone. I would recommend following the route of the hot pipes when only that zone is on. Hello, We had a Honeywell CM wireless thermostat fitted to our new boiler about 10 years ago.

Thanks very much for your advice. Hi vm927rf have a glow worm betacom with electromechanical clock and Drayton mains voltage room stat. Would this would with these.

Hi Do you sell the CM unit by itself? I have just moved house and the instruction booklet is not available. Is it possible to email me the instruction booklet for the CM A: You can download it from the downloads fm927rf.

The receiver and the controller both still working. Only I can’t set the program it is because the controller missing some digits. So what can I do.

My is Honeywell CM wireless thermostat. Unfortunately the controller will need replacing. Can I use this programmer with an s plan system? Yes, but you will need a separate control for hot water. We have the CM, the second digit of the temp is missing.

Is there any way to restore this or am I looking at buying a new thermostat? Cm27rf afraid it will need to be replaced. Does the CM already include any of the additional features required for Boiler Plus like Load compensation?

It has optimisation and automation features. Can I get it repaired or can I buy a new controller without replacing the receiver unit? I’m afraid they are not repairable units. The controller only is available here: I am re-newing an existing CM, will it work immediately or do I need to tune it in many thanks A: They come prebound, so as long as you replace both parts, it will work from the box.


Hi, I currently have an old Drayton RF2 wireless system. Will the CMT work using the existing transmitter. No, you would have to replace both parts. They are they same product. I had a cm67 ng purchased by me 8 yrs ago but never used recently installed in a rarely used annexe. The original batteries have leaked! I don’t really want to buy a new cm because of the display issues to pair with my hc60ng receiver – do I have an alternative without changing my receiver?

What would you recommend? I’m afraid not, any other manufacturers unit will require changing the receiver. I have a new Honeywell wireless thermostat. It has a fault – it only takes 30 seconds to add a minute to the time, so it goes from 9am to 10 am in 30 minutes! Is there a way to fix this? No, a replacement will be needed.

Is this compatible with a Biasi Garda M96 combi boiler? If I need a new wall plate what is the model number? Currently have Honeywell B wireless room stat and receiver.

Room stat has started to develop a problem in that the digits are not displaying properly. Have read in various forums and sites that the problem described above is common to Honeywell, my unit is about 4 years old. Have wrote to Honeywell and as expected no response. Is the Siemens better value for money and more reliable?

Is the wiring the same in terms of number wires that the Honeywell B uses? Will I just be able to take off the existing receiver and put this one in its place?

Do you recommend any other make? The CM will connect to your existing receiver fine. Replacing with another make such as the Siemens REVRF would be what I would recommend currently, although it would mean changing the receiver. The Siemens receiver will connect to the same 4 wires. Hi, I have a Honeywell Smartfit y system fitted, can you recommend a wireless controller that will work with this please.

The controller is currently hard wired, 2 wires to the base box. Unfortunately there is no wireless controller that will work with the Smartfit system. You will need to replace the whole system including motorised valves to have a wireless control.

I already have the controller for CM but need a new receiver, can I buy one of these separately or do I need to buy the whole thing again?? Yes you can buy honeywlel receiver. Will the CM operate more than one zone valve for heating purposes?


Yes, you can wire two honejwell valves in parallel to the receiver, or order a second receiver and have it control both vm927rf. We are not currently recommending the CM due to quality issues. What is the guarantee period? It is 1 year from date of purchase, or 18 months from date of manufacture – whichever is the longer.

If my honeywell wireless display is faulty. Can I change the wireless thermostat for the same one, do I need to change the reciever A: If it is a CM then you can change just the thermostat.

There is no need to change the receiver. I like all the features of the wireless Honeywell but do like a one hour boost for coming in late at night or coming home unexpectedly. I have a CM controlling a conservatory heated floor. Its only 3 years old but the display is breaking up and failing, makes it near impossible to programme etc.

Honeywell CM927 Wireless 7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat

D I have to replace it with a CM not impressed with a solid state device failing after 3 years or is there an alternative that will do the job? The new receiver will connect to the same 4 wires as the Honeywell one.

Honeywekl Honeywell receiver will connect to the same wires as the BR1 receiver. Can I just switch a cm box for the cmt box A: I’m afraid not as the CM is battery powered, but the receiver is mains powered, so you will need a mains connection.

Hi will this work with a Main Combi 30HE boiler. I’ve got a CM, however when I put the slide to the off position, the radiators are still warming up even though the room temperature is over 19degC Please help A: If the light on the receiver honeywrll staying on, then it is likely to be a cm9927rf fault.

If the light is going off, then the problem will lie with the receiver or another component e. Gravity fed, pumped chg and dhw.? It will only control your heating, not your hot water. Will the cmt work with an ideal mini combi? Thanks in advance A: Is this thermostat compatible with a Vokera Linea combination boiler?

My CM permanently displays 32c room temp irespctive what the actual room temp is? Sounds like you have a faulty unit which needs to be replaced. It will connect to the same 4 wires. To do so you will need to add a mains feed as the CM is battery powered and the receiver is mains powered.