In this tutorial we’ll show you everything you’ll need to get up and running with HikaShop. You can also read our tutorials on other Joomla ecommerce solutions: . HikaShop is an e-commerce extension for Joomla! It is built for simplicity and flexibility. It has a wide range of marketing tools and powerful statistics to. HikaShop is fully integrated with Joomla and you can get started In this tutorial, we have four videos to get you up and running with Hikashop.

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We’ll skip ahead to Prices for now. Install Hikashop Add a product Add product details Add product categories and price Add variants Add categories This isn’t the ideal workflow for production, but it is the right sequence for getting an understanding of HikaShop and how all the parts fit together.

Project or Open Source Matters. HikaShop has a wide range of marketing tools, but also powerful statistics displayable on your. How to Build Joomla 3 Sites. For more details about the other settings, you can see the global configuration documentation page.

Define your title, for thios example: When a customer buy a product which is related to a plan, HikaSubscription will create a subscription for that plan, associated with the customer. Buying multiple products in the same order will create one single subscription and extend its yikashop.

In this tutorial we’ll show you everything you’ll need to get up and running with HikaShop.

How to Use the Hikashop Extension in Joomla

But what if you want some options. Product Characteristics and Variants. Click Add a product from the Products tab drop down menu.


This is most easily explained with an example. Here, you will find options that enable you to define the way your products are displayed in your Item Menu listing. By default the product is viewable by all. This second example will show you how to hkkashop all the product categories. Since adding options is just like adding products, if you follow this tutorial, you will have the skills to do so if you upgrade. This brief tutorial describes how to import products into HikaShop 2.

Now, click on “Products options”. In this example, we have already one we configured earlier and we configured a second with a percentage instead of a price. During your tests, it is important to keep in mind that a created hikahsop won’t provide serials to your customers.

Otherwise, you will have to determine which serial generator will more suit to your hikzshop. When the data is selected, you can choose one or many triggers, filters, actions. Unlike the Price calculation, the shipping Fee won’t be multiplied by the quantity product. There is a default, top tutoria called Product Categories and you can add all your products there. At this moment, you have to use the ” coupon generator ” and not the “random generator”.

After that, you can associate this coupon generator with a new pack. Hikashop tienda hikasgop para Joomla 3 – 1. You can add a price row by clicking on this button. After purchase, you can change this to none or have nikashop products available to custom defined groups. Just like the association of HikaSerial packs, the association of HikaSubscription plan are in the HikaShop product interface, in a dedicated block.

The action will be executed on elements, but the elements must correspond to the filters. Just by clicking on this little square, like on the second picture, you will create a column type display. All shopping carts are complicated and everybody seems to have some requirement that the developers haven’t anticipated.


To do that, you can configure your mass action as the following screen shot:.

HikaShop – Ecommerce for Joomla – Joomlashack

Create an unpublished category. Click Add in Characteristics. Configuring Shipping and Payment.

When you arrive in the mass action page, tutprial have to click on the “New” button in the toolbar in order to tuyorial a new Mass action. Return to the product page hijashop this product. After you understand this, you will be able to more efficiently plan out your cart and approach.

Go in the Item Layout part, and change the Layout type to Image. You have to select the desired data on which you want to apply a mass action. Those modifications will be applied only after you saved the product. HikaSerial Subscription could be installed like tuotrial classical Joomla! In this screen parameter, you can change almost everything about your selected Menu Item AND all elements inside itself.

A new pop up window will be display with all your Menu Item Type grouped by different categories. Learn how to configure the Checkout Workflow on your online store thanks to Hikashop, the e-commerce solution for Joomla.

As an example of the use of the mass action system, we will see how to move all the out of stock products into the category “Out of stock”.