In The High-Performance Entrepreneur, Subroto Bagchi, Co-Founder And Chief High-Performance Entrepreneurs Create Great Wealth, For Themselves As. Bagchi, who is the chief operating officer of Mindtree Consulting, has turned that journal into a book titled, The High-Performance Entrepreneur. High Performance Entrepreneurship by Subroto BagchiSubroto Bagchi is one of the co-founders of Mindtree Consulting, another star from Indian IT a.

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The lack of the shared wealth creation mindset in high-control orientation can be a negative when you are trying to set up a knowledge-intensive organization. In India, it is not okay to fail. The High Performance Entrepreneur scores a boundary on a scale of 5 in my review. The next prerequisite requires the entrepreneur to be cautious while choosing the right investor. Jul 18, Gaurang Swarge rated it liked it. A good team is the one that boasts of good mutual understanding, mental bafchi, and coordination.

A broad and general good read for starters who r making it to the pefformance of entrepreneurship.

Mindtree Consulting’s Subroto Bagchi on the Principles of High-Performance Entrepreneurship

Interestingly, a study indicates that globally, most startups fail within the first year of their coming into existence, not for technical reasons, not for managerial reasons, but they fail because the founding team goes different ways. One is the size of the ambition. Are we well versed with the use and application of sophisticated technology tools to let our business make a good initial impact?

She had set performancs a helicopter company in Vietnam because she felt that was what an infrastructure-poor country like Vietnam required. Though post being in this journey, this book is a guideline to scale a company and make it more process oriented. Reasons start ups fail? The concluding part of the book sees the author lending his views on reasons for failures of start-up and the lessons in entrepreneurship from the Indian IT industry.


High-Performance Entrepreneur by Subroto Bagchi

Perfkrmance put in enormous amount of effort in trying to chase money instead of refining the concept, instead of focusing on the market research, instead of trying to test market the idea.

Overall a nice and inspiring read. One entreprenneur the fact that when you contrast India with the United States, for example, the concept of starting your business — the concept of becoming an entrepreneur — has become socially [speaking] only marginally acceptable now. Lists with This Book.

High-performance Entrepreneur( – Bagchi, Subroto – Google Books

Are we vulnerable in adapting to the changing market and business needs? I found it very inspiring for the new upcoming professionals or people seeking entrepreneurship.

It becomes absolutely essential to ensure that our team comprises of professionals who’re willing to work hard, adapt to changes without too much of hindrance, flexible and broad minded in their problem solving capabilities, willing to be open minded to consider various available options before taking or making decisions, willing to commit to work full time entreprenuer possess extraordinary levels of work ethics, communication skills writing and speakingpersistence, and endurance.

And our worldview was that such a company has to be genetically designed to be different.

The author thus acknowledges the fact that almost all the elements bagch in the business plan but the very process of writing one makes a ton of things clear at the start perfornance the venture The other chapters in the book are Choosing the Right InvestorHiring people.

First and foremost, what is very critical, extremely critical, is a shared view of the future and a shared vision of the future. I think this book has helped me develop my core of being slightly process oriented. Subsequent to that, however, he went back to his farming.


Starts with the chapter: Return to Book Page. However, it could be a little redundant for the experienced entrepreneurs, as it only touches a tip of the entrepreneurship iceberg. Trust is something that reduces cycle time. Once you do that … it is not ideas that are chasing resources; it is resources that are chasing ideas. It is a good book to set the guiding principles of an organization.

High-Performance Entrepreneur

Some of the founders had never met each other physically before we started the company. This is the most trickiest aspect associated with a venture such as a start-up.

Apr performaance, Vamsi Tellakula baggchi it really liked it. You get a lot of leeway; you get a lot of freedom, and so on. The book also imparts ideas of managing our money and building our brand, which of course invariably form a part of the later stages of business establishment. The author doesn’t hesitate to point out that the aforementioned prerequisite is indeed the most crucial and a potential deciding entreprejeur for success of the business establishment.

Innovation What Traits Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed Audacity and courage are among the hallmarks of successful startup founders, according to panelists at the recent Wharton India Economic Forum. Could have been better modelled as “Zero to One”, which though showcases Peter Theil’s learnings, doesn’t sound at all “pushy”.