Transhuman Space is, to a significant extent, the setting which defined the ideas about future technology which are used in GURPS 4e, so for. GURPS Ultra-Tech is a sourcebook for GURPS. Contents. 1 Contents; 2 Publication history which Steve Jackson Games published in A new GURPS Ultra-Tech () was one of the tech books published for GURPS 4e GURPS Space is a genre toolkit for creating Science Fiction campaigns using the GURPS Those topics will be covered by the forthcoming books GURPS Vehicles (4e) and GURPS Ultra-Tech (4e) respectively. The rationale for this decision.

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When an assault pod is a standard military sidearm, an old assault rifle still looks like a serious weapon, even if it’s a bit dated.

GURPS Ultra-Tech

Find More Posts by Fred Brackin. Which said, it may be legally controlled, very hard to find, or plain expensive – and often all three. We can also be reached by e-mail: Please girps only authorized electronic editions, and do not participate in or encourage the electronic piracy of copyrighted materials.

In particular, I don’t see why two Mind Emulations both based on scans of similarly-sized human brains should be radically different in complexity and therefore size, just because one of the gudps was a bit smarter than the other – a ruling which appears in Ultra-Tech.

All times are GMT The blaster cannon is listed as TL Hardware The prices and weights for computers in Ultra-Tech are a bit different to those in TS, and Ultra-Tech interpolates a new size class, the “personal computer”, in the list of names between “small” and “microframe”, as well as adding a new class on the top, the “megacomputer”.

Where the two sources differ, I think that GMs can generally just take their pick as to which they prefer.

  ABI386 4 PDF

I’m not sure about the digital compression ratios quoted here. However, the differences shouldn’t generally be too severe; GMs can choose which to follow as they think best, or just kludge up a compromise. Chapter Six Ah, the meat of the book The variant options have also seen some name-juggling; the old “Genius” becomes “Fast” but doesn’t have extra storage or reduced Legalitywhile “Cheap” becomes “Slow”.

For example, the “Armor Without Faceplates” rule does make for stylishly slightly crazy faceless goons, while the Electromagnetic Armor option might be fitted to some heavier battlesuits in TS, if the GM wishes.

Mostly much like the 3e TS versions, gurls with some tweaks and updates. I guess that the semi-portable fission and fusion reactors might be available in TS games – they’re expensive enough that people wouldn’t just install one in their car.

Using GURPS Ultra-Tech 4e in Transhuman Space

Would probably be rare who has a legal use for them, really? Though I do wonder how reliably unique and repeatably 4d a human’s brain waves actually are. In fact, given the whole TS “microtech is cool” angle, I might well allow the memory baton option even for 10mm sidearms.

Flight Packs The helipack might also be feasible in TS, though I imagine it’d be legally controlled and looked a bit askance at by many people. I’d also note that PCs are often much given to loading themselves down with the sort of stuff that “elite military units and special agents” carry, and one can only assume so much about price problems and legal constraints.

These are hltratech analogous to the missile pods in TS, but TS tends to assume that such weapons will always be firing smart micromissile-type projectiles, which it makes quite cheap.

GURPS Ultra-Tech

Melee and Thrown Weapons 6. These are of course similar to the Seeker Missile which gets a template in In the Well ; the details may have come out a bit different, but if one uses these things purely as one-shot weapons and not as cybershells, either set of numbers would probably do.


FordDon GallagherJ. The defense could be handled as penalties applied to the attack roll, and the odds of dealing damage would be the same—but in ultrayech case, should your opponent avoid taking damage, you wouldn’t know if it was because you missed entirely, or nearly hit but the defender dodged, or hit too soft to do any damage, or hit hard enough to do damage but your opponent is too much of a badass to notice.

Military Sci-Fi — A look at the equipment and logistics of futuristic fighting forces.

Using GURPS Ultra-Tech 4e in Transhuman Space

Drop Capsules Feasible technology for the TS setting, but maybe unlikely to be common. Another important chapter – perhaps even more important than the one before, given that ultgatech the most pacifistic PCs may want protection, against less pacifistic NPCs or hostile environments or non-pacifistic PCs, for that matter. I expect results soon.

I’m not sure about it Changing Times has TS homing and laser homing ammo working slightly differently to the types covered in Ultra-Techbut they’re not wildly incompatible; on the other hand, it allows any round to have this option, even the little 4mm things.

Maybe the future will not have nuke power every where. Bigger than anything on the standard TS tables, and can be included in games as very military squad support weapons. It’s up to GMs whether they buy ultrasound as a personal cleaning method, but if they do, yep, you’ll want these gufps small spacecraft. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.