Pointwise supports exporting Gridgen grid files. A Gridgen restart .gg) file compatible with Gridgen Version 15 can be exported from Pointwise. © – Pointwise supports importing Gridgen database files. Any Gridgen restart .gg) file from Version 15 is supported for import into Pointwise. Note that 2D blocks are not supported by Pointwise and will not be imported.

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These manual pages have been added. The application of LSQ Fit caused the database constrained end node to be pulled off the database. SPR Fixed a journaling problem that caused a change in the distribution type of a connector to be incorrectly journaled. Further checking Gridgen performed on the domain caused it to be emptied. SPR Resolved a problem in which applied interval shading for a database surface was not retained after the creation of a connector on the surface.

A new utility script is available DbDisplayManager. SPR When journaling block face creation that included unstructured domains, erasing a domain griidgen had been selected caused errors when the journaled rgidgen was executed.

Gridgen – Pointwise |

Gridgen now supports double-precision Cobalt export. Replace Connectors Blackboard when a connector was highlighted.

So if you create a block, assign boundary conditions, but then delete the block, the boundary conditions are not lost. TBD There are currently no new technical issues resolved in V SPR Resolved an issue that caused the pyramids generated in the unstructured block solver to have a higher equiangle skew than previous versions of Gridgen. A toggle has been added to the Display Commands menu that controls whether or not disabled grid entities are displayed.

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Quilts will allow users to form collections of adjoining trimmed surfaces. PLOT3D support has been extended to allow i-blanking, byte-order swapping, and single-block grids.

SPR Connector modifications in which the connector endpoints did not change were causing the Maintain Linkages prompt to appear. SPR Shell entities that were disabled and in layers that were off were being shown in browser lists as being available for picking.

Gridgen – Pointwise

SPR When scripting then copying of a connector and a subsequent redimensioning, neither the Glyph dimensioning nor redimensioning commands were journaled. Trimmed surface modification has been changed to fix this problem.

SPR A bug was fixed that caused the unstructured block solver to pause for a long period of time when initializing a block. These additional points provide greater refinement and transition for regions where anisotropic cell advancement has to stop locally.

SPR Resolved a bug which caused Gridgen to terminate when creating a fit for a database surface. SPR Resolved an issue that caused poor quality cells to be created in a block that was copied and rotated. SPR Fixed a scripting bug that caused true intersections to fail if the -los option was not specified for gg:: SPR Importing a structured grid created on periodic or looped database entities was causing grid points to be pulled off of the appropriate database entities.


The following is a listing of technical issues resolved in V SPR Resolved a bug which caused Gridgen to terminate when importing a particular composite database file. A new merge entities command has been added called Replace Connectors. This problem has been fixed. SPR The manual pages for the commands gg:: The following is a listing of technical issues resolved in Version SPR Resolved a bug which kept Gridgen from checking for duplicate domains if prisms were extracted from an anisotropic block whose database was not present.

A new Glyph command has been added which allows users to momentarily pause a running script to pick database, connector, domain, block, or breakpoint entities. The manual page for gg:: Logic has been changed to correct this problem.

SPR Resolved a bug that did not allow users to use Shift and the right mouse button to pick some connector points.

The number of custom boundary conditions BCs and volume conditions VCs that can be grldgen in Gridgen has been increased to