Hi: I have an old GOSSEN Sixtar lightmeter without a manual, and I want to measure the enviroment light. Someone could help me about this. DownloadGossen sixtar manual pdf. Disk Utility will again run through a scan, repairing the identified permissions issues. QS Recruitment are one of the. Gossen Sixtar / Super Pilot Exposure meter Reflected light 30° f/ 1 ~ 45 1/ sec ~ 2 Hr 8 ~ fps. Size Weight Power Manual, – – PX 13 or the newer types.

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Log in or Sign up. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use gossfn cookies. Recently I acquired an old Gossen Sixtomat lightmeter to use with a couple of vintage meterless cameras. Out of interest I compared the readings from the Gossen with readings from a couple of my cameras under even illumination.


The Gossen gives readings one stop larger than the camera meters. Having no experience if hand-held meters I’m not sure whether this is typical or whether the meter needs calibration so a bit of advice would be appreciated. The meter contains 2 PX batteries which I suspect are modern 1. All help gratefully received.

Nigel, I think you have answered your own query here, if the meter was built to take 1. Some just don’t have film. Just out of interest Nigel, you haven’t left the white diffuser over the sensor have you?

If so and you are taking reflected light readings as your SLR’s do then this could be making the difference as that should only be used for incident light readings. If not then Ron’s advice is very probably sixtaf cause of the difference.


If the difference is consistent then of course if you remember that then the meter is very useable still. Yep, I agree with Ron as well. Managed to download a copy ogf the manual from the Gossen site. The little screw is a zero point adjuster used with no manuual loaded.

Gossen Sixtar 2 Instruction Manuals

If the readings mannual consistently out then I can compensate as required, I feel more investigation coming on. No, sans little white bubble. How relatable are TTL readings to handheld jobs?

Although the range used in my experiment was quite small I wonder if there is an inherent difference between light metered through a lens and that by a handheld which has no lens. I suspect it’s going to take a bit of practice to get the hang of this Remember working in a camera shop when someone came in with an old meter made of Bakealite I have similar battery problems with a Gossem 3 that I use occasionally.

If the batteries in your meter are truly PXs then they are old mercury batteries no longer made for environmental reasons and probably clapped out. There is a good page on equivalent batteries and the problems that they create at http: The alkaline battery voltage reduces with use and reading variation therefore changes and it’s pretty useless.

The silver Oxide job gives consistent voltage up to failure and therefore gives zixtar consistent error that you can calibrate for using the ASA or DIN scale. The web page listed shows a third type of battery that give a voltage exactly equal to the mercury battery but which has a relatively limited life six months to a year.

I have a Gossen Sixtar light meter. Yossen used a mercury battery; yours uses 2 such batteries. The modern equivalent to the battery used in your light meter can be bought from Jessops; see also the Speed Graphic website. I imagine that the battery you want should be a 1. You manuwl find that the modern 1. I use a bit of bluetack in the battery cover to hold the battery central in the cover and housing and to gpssen that the underside of the battery makes a good contact with the spring leaf contacts in the housing, the ve connection.


There is also a centre point connection in the battery housing, the -ve connection for the battery. I imagine your lightmeter is a more sophisticated version of the simpler Gossen that I have, and mine has served me well for yonks. I have checked my Sixttar against the built-in exposure meter in my Nikon F80, and the two readings tally.

The batteries referred to are probably the Wein Cell Zinc air type. There is also available an adapter into which can be put silver oxide 1.


It contains a little regulator which reduces the sixtzr to 1. I got a couple from Rollei Camera Sales. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or sjxtar address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now.

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