Many translated example sentences containing “necessidades de aprovisionamento” – English-Portuguese dictionary and search engine for English. PB. Mdulo3 Gestodeestoques Phpapp Manual-UFCDAprovisionamento-Logistica-e-Gestao-de- Stocks (1). Veja grátis o arquivo TEXTO 2 A gesto da cadeia de suprimentos teoria e POIRIER, C. C. Administración de cadenas de aprovisionamento.

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Risk of European citizens losing their confidence in the euro. The Commission takes the safety of European citizens as its first priority, and remains vigilant and pro-active in all aspects of maritime safety. The Italian authorities getso introduce local provisions in internal waters such as the lagoon of Venice. Quali sono le misure a lungo termine previste per aiutare il governo a ristabilire il controllo sul paese? The Final Implementation Report of the programme did indeed include the project among the eight projects which were not yet completed at the date of the submission of the closure documents.

If these change due to environmental factors, the value of MSY changes too and therefore needs to be updated in the scientific advice.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Paper recycling is considered to be an environmentally better waste management option than incineration with energy recovery. If so, will the Commission communicate its plans to us?

The CFP reform proposal from the Commission, now under discussion in Council and Parliament, envisages that fish which does not survive following release and which is undersized can only be sold for fish meal or pet food production. The whiff of scandal surrounding the sale of the aircraft at such a giveaway price undoubtedly warrants investigation.

EPSO aims to provide the institutions gesfo a timely manner with highly qualified staff, in keeping with their requests, so that they may meet the challenges they face. However, the Commission, on numerous occasions, including the annual enlargement ds, highlighted the low number of criminal investigations and final convictions, in particular in high level corruption cases, as a significant problem.

There is a comprehensive body of legislation ee ensure that food is safe and wholesome, and that food imported into the Union is in line with EU safety requirements.

However, this progress does not mean any abandoning of objectives and there remain areas for improvement. The EU legislator considered that the cost of issuing an energy performance certificate is aprovisionamwnto by its positive impact on energy efficiency, which in turn leads to significant monetary savings for building occupiers.

Furthermore, as I have reported on other occasions, these threats and this situation of helplessness affect not only members of CREDHOS, but also numerous other associations and organisations working in defence of human rights.


Gestp ship was expected at Savona on the first leg of the Mediterranean cruise.

Does the Commission consider that such situations are likely to distort the information supplied to consumers regarding the actual healthiness of products? Employment discrimination on linguistic grounds. What is the status of negotiations at Council level in relation to studying abroad within the EU? On the issue of control, the adoption of CCTV monitoring and automatic logging systems to provide real time monitoring as well as the use of modern traceability tools to facilitate controls by Member States authorities will enhance enforcement at sea and ashore.

Nigeria is committed to religious freedom, which is enshrined in the country’s constitution. The data collection framework currently under preparation would be specifically tailored to obtain data to carry out mixed-fishery assessments and to strengthen the data base for the estimation of MSY.

As a result of the crisis a steadily increasing number of people are for the first time finding themselves in this situation, having been abruptly deprived of their jobs and homes and having no family to fall back on.

The practices of prostitution referred to in the question often involve trafficking in human beings and sexual exploitation. What view does the Commission take of progress in quality assurance in higher education in the Member States? The Commission is assessing whether exclusions of fishermen and seafarers from certain labour law Directives is justified and, if not, to propose complementing and remedial legislation. Scientific assessments depend heavily on catch reports made by fishermen.

Essa intende trarre tutti gli insegnamenti possibili dal tragico incidente del. Hence, the Commission is not directly involved and does not monitor the situation of existing or prospective commemorative sites. In Reggio Calabria a girl gssto been unable to register for the last year of secondary school because all the schools asked her for her middle school diploma, as required by Italian law. It rightly considers such dumping to be unacceptable, especially in view of its adverse impact on data collection and the reliability of scientific research, which is essential for the viable exploitation of stocks, the monitoring of marine ecosystems and the economic viability of fishing.

EUR-Lex – JOC___E__01 – EN – EUR-Lex

A number of countries have decided, in addition to the agreed requirements, to include not only operative nuclear power plants but also decommissioned plants or other nuclear installations. The same would be done with a framework technical measures regulation which is to be decided in the ordinary legislative procedure and implementing measures then need to be decided by the Member States of a seabasin dw designing them in cooperation with Advisory Councils and stakeholders.


La Commissione sorveglia attentamente l’attuazione dei controlli alle frontiere e i relativi accordi, oltre a riferire in merito allo stato di avanzamento in questo ambito attraverso le relazioni annuali.

The proposal does not introduce changes to competence checks of healthcare professionals. It is up to the Member States to select and implement the projects of the cohesion policy gesfo on the priorities of their operational programmes. The cost of Energy Performance Certificates.

There is, however, a general feeling that these Eurocodes are very complicated, to the extent of requiring a course in order to understand each of them.

La Commissione desidera innanzitutto ricordare che, a norma dell’articolo del trattato sul funzionamento dell’Unione europea, gli Stati membri sono responsabili del contenuto dell’insegnamento e dell’organizzazione dei loro sistemi scolastici.

The Durban Conference, flexible instruments and the carbon market. Regional cooperation is also of key importance when it comes to addressing cross border organised crime, and is also strongly supported and monitored by the Commission. Abolition of the practice of dumping unwanted catches. Could the Commission therefore please confirm or deny this statistic?

Aprovisionamento by Tiago Bernardino on Prezi

Observers agree that most of Boko Haram’s many victims in Kano were Muslims. For those fisheries where some unwanted catches are inevitable the proposal provides for support for the equipment on board to make the best use of unwanted catches of commercial stocks and valorise underused components besto fish caught.

It should make the use of less polluting fuel mandatory for ships entering Venice and its lagoon? Against this background, and given the adoption of similar policies, with variations, by the Member States:. For euro area Member States MSnew enforcement mechanisms have been introduced and those that already existed have become stricter. The advantage of Brussels as a reference destination is that it allows staff to cumulate rest leave with professional trips, and because air fares to Europe are frequently less expensive than more local trips, while aprovisionameto Thailand Pukhet as the reference destination in Asia is also generally a cheaper destination than Europe.

Does the Commission know how other Member States manage this complex issue and whether other Member States have experienced the same difficulties as in Denmark?