narrative fiction.1 For my part, reflecting on metalepsis has led me to an extension and a critique of the brief section in Narrative Discourse where Gérard Genette. Metalepsis was first identified and defined by the literary theorist Gérard Genette who wrote within the context of the Structuralist movement. When Gérard Genette coined the term “metalepsis” in the fifth chapter (on. “Voice ”) of his Discours du récit, he defined it as “any intrusion by the extradiegetic.

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The narrator seems to know the words, thoughts, gestures and facts about all the characters, including Perrette. However, we should observe that this scene consists of a summary geneyte, since the protagonist summarizes the anticipated events.

Gérard Genette : Narratology / Signo – Applied Semiotics Theories

The narrator tells what is going to happen at some future time. The foolish no more than the wise Have their fantasies; daydreams hold the sweetest prize.

Return gnette Book Page. Needless to say, these four kinds of narrative speed can be used to varying degrees. He talks in the third person and he is absent from the story he is telling. You are commenting using your WordPress. From Rhetoric to the Theory of Allusion and to Narratology.


As can be seen from the diversity of these characterizations among otherscurrent research cannot be neatly classified into clearly identified paradigms.

Lavocat insists, however, on the intrafictional quality of metalepsis—not its relation with the “real”—thus on playing with the boundaries, with reality-in-fiction and fiction-in-fiction, rather than suppressing them. This function also comes into play when the narrator expresses his emotions about the story, that is, the affective relation he has with it involvement. This complex type of narration combines subsequent and simultaneous narration.

Metalepsis – Wikipedia

Lines are a nice example of prolepsis. U of Nebraska P. Genetge a proposal by Ryan Ryan, Marie-Laure Grabe, Nina, et al. Genette uses theatrical performances as his basis, in which the event-story ideally has the same duration as the staged narration.

Thus, every narrative implies a narrator.

Thierry verard it Jun 09, In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Lorena Leigh marked it as to-read Apr 01, This dimension of metalepsis opens up issues of transtextual geerard cf.

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One searches in vain for cases of a fundamental destruction of the narrative situation in the first person. Guiding his master to the same place?


Exterior Metalepsis

Open Preview See a Genetfe You are commenting using your Facebook account. Beth rated it it was amazing Jan 04, Some part of the event-story is summarized in the narrative, creating an acceleration. Metalepse in Text- und Bildmedien des Altertums. When a text is written, mstalepsis choices must be made in view of producing a particular result in the story’s verbal representation.

The other important distinction—Genette makes it himself, but without emphasizing it—is between what I call exterior metalepsis by far the more frequent and interior metalepsis. Examining the issues through the possible worlds approach to fiction and emphasizing the relations between narrative worlds rather than hierarchical levels, she observes the tendency in the latter approach, which is focused largely on ontological metalepsis, to stress the fusion of worlds, thereby effacing the boundary between fact and fiction, a tendency favored, in part, by expanding study of the phenomenon to the various media.

Although both phenomena are dependent on levels, they must not be confused.