GENERAL. Usage of Maintenance Manual. FR-SF series inverters are designed to drive machine tool spindles, and feature quiet operation, stable and rapid. Hi all: Could anyone please explain the difference between the FREQROL FR- SE and FR-SF??? To me they sound the same I thank you for. Repair service for FR-SFK-CE Mitsubishi AC Spindle Drive 26kW VAC FREQROL FR-SF Condition: Send-in repair. Free evaluation. 6 Months warranty .

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The ambient temperature D Measure the ambient temper- o Unless the cooling unit in of the amplifier is high. M series through the bus. One of the wires U, V, o Check that the motor does not 0 Replace the power wire which and W which are con- smoothly rotate.

Practical Machinist requires you list your location in your profile. Performs the zero return at the beginning of the synchronous Spindle para- TYP tapping.

Mitsubishi AC Spindle Drive FREQROL-SF Maintenance Manual

The contents of the parameters are the same as those in Section 3. Parameter Description Setting fresrol unit The spindle frqrol direction, detec- tor installed direction, and motor rota- tion direction are set.

On the center and right side connectors power the base drive for the large transistors. Normally, the Ki magnification should be the same as the Kp magnification. When pressing freqroo n switch once Note 2 again, data rewrite operation is It is possible to press the pushbutton completed. The equipment malfunc- D Check the signal waveforms o Correctly connect the ground tions by noise which at check pins CHCH9 or wires fteqrol the power supply, enters a signal from AGA for phase A signal and amplifier, and motor.


One of the fuses Fl, F2, o Check the electric continuity 0 Replace the fuse being blown and F3 has been blown of each fuse using the cir- with a new one. The spindle drive LED’s are all off. The input power fre- 0 Check the voltage frequencies 0 Check the cause of the fre- quency remarkably at the input terminals Xl, quency variation and adlust 3 changes.

Mitsubishi FR-SF spindle drive manual | ZEYNEL ULUSOY –

The details of each alarm are described in the following. In case of analog card.

To my knowledge it looks like one is used for acceleration and one for decceleration. Exchange service products is put through a thorough cleaning process, full test and final quality inspection by our specialist technicians prior to their sale. The unit is 8. Rotate the motor frreqrol the maximum speed and check that the amplitudes of the signal outputs for the forward rotation and reverse rotation are?

Check that it rotates for 10 turns until it comes to the hole bottom and returns to the start position. The cooling fan is dirty 0 visually or by touching the o Clean the cooling fan using 6 by dust and the cooling cooling fan, check the a factory utility air or effect is degraded. It accords with 10 V of S analog output. All the positions of the 0 Even after the power of the o Correctly set the positions dip switches SW to NC is turned on, the display of the dip switches SWS-1 to SW on the printed on the operation panel is as sw The signal cable is not 0 Visually check that the o Correctly shield the signal correclty shielded.

Increase WT and the temporary servo rigidity in- creases and the torque against the position devia- tion decreases. Motor built-in encoder 41 ISL orientation Hexadecimal notation 1: See offer for details.


Ln EMG, in-positior encoder output is not held. Terminal block fixing screw hole Protection bush Cooling fan fixing screw e side where the cooling fan late is not stuck.

When the power is turned on, the display on the operation panel does not indicate rota- 2 tions in the status display mode as freqrlo in 1. Get to Know Us. Setting range Unit Encoder Magnesenso1 The angle of the creep speed is set. Determines the direction of the spindle rotation for position loop motor command direction G Not to is FR-SF, 0 shoulc selec- link through the bus, “1” be set. I’m going to put the spindle drive back in now after I check the transistor modules again.

In EMG, in-position 0: Spindle orientation control circuit. There are two different guys from Malaysia selling them on Ebay.

Mitsubishi AC Spindle Drive FREQROL-SF Maintenance Manual pdf – CNC Manual

Note 2 Since other volume have been set at factory, do not adjust them. Enters the position loop without zero return. If not required, “1” should be set. In stock, immediate shipping. The switch and setting Check the set positions of the o Correctly set the switches switches and setting pins by and setting pins.

Example To change the data to 2 6 4 0enter [Tj[T][T]! Encoder Magnesensor Spindle The spindle rotational angle at which orienta- creep speed starts is set. South Dakota Sold by: