The Extraflame boiler is a great heating solution developed from the most All Extraflame products are built in compliance with the following Directives: 89/ . ‘Pellet refill pipes on store’. ‘Feed auger system routed outside to wooden clad 3 tonne storage’. ‘Extraflame LP30 plumbed to heat house and swimming pool’. Extraflame LP30 Manual Online: Alarms Table. ALARMS TABLE ALARMS Reason Indicates the presence of an alarm. Flue gas motor fault Flue gas probe fault.

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Keep this manual readily available. Installations allowed Only appliances working softly respect to the room or which do not place the room in depression respect to the external environment, can exist or be installed in the room where the heat generator will be installed. It is forbidden to have other air supply channels and pipes for system engineering, especially if over-sized, transit inside the smoke channels.

Extrqflame prg3 off set prg3 start – prg4 The solution used for this purpose is described in the design. Conventional limitations deriving from exgraflame regulations, constraints or contracts. With machine off, open the ash drawer to empty the content. H2O probe failure contact after-sales centre 31 The vessel maximum exercise pressure must not be lower than the calibration pressure of the safety valve, increased by overpressures, characteristic of the same valve, bearing in mind the eventual level difference between vessel and valve and the pressure generated by the functioning of the pump.

The connection pipe must be realised in order not to present scales or deposits storage points. Start display at page:. Intervenes directly by sending the product into alarm conditions until complete cooling, in the case of: Skip to main content.

Installation must be performed by an authorised technician It is possible to thermostat a room adjacent to the room where the stove is positioned: Extraflamf back to the previous menu.

No or inadequate safety zone. The insertion of a three-way intercepting valve which allows connection between the vessel and the atmosphere for maintenance operations, is allowed.


Please retain eextraflame manual More information. Routes 1 and 3 are always open and, together with the pump installed on the return, they guarantee water circulation inside the biomass boiler exchanger. If the combustion agent air is withdrawn directly from outside through a pipe, a downward bend must be mounted outside or a protection against the wind and no grates or similar must be positioned, it is recommended that the air vent always communicates directly with the installation room even if the air is withdrawn from outside through a pipe.

Stove positioning For correct product functioning, it is recommended to position it in a way that it is perfectly level, with the aid of a spirit level. Lp0 cleanliness extraclame the fumes pipe and the combustion chamber. Please read this entire manual before installation. The LP30 provides a easy way of installing a green heating system, both saving money and doing your bit to reduce rated carbon production!

Extraflame LP30, vacuum feed system and 3 tonne hopper

UK ROI PAGE Before using the appliance Selection and correct use depending on the type of application and relative designation of the product. Please read this instructions More information. The product must be in OFF status in order to activate the function. Disassembled appliance has to be delivered to the collection point of electrical and electronic equipment. Therefore a modification of this parameter will lead to a proportional variation of all stove feeding speeds.

Pellet boilers – La Nordica Extraflame

The permanent openings in the adjacent room must comply with the above-described requisites. The boiler must be serviced at least once a year, programming it in advance with the technical assistance centre. It is recommended to contact the qualified technician if one of the rearms should be triggered, so as to verify the cause.

Important safety points 2. It is recommended to position the power supply cable in a way that it does not come into contact with hot parts of the appliance. Should you move house, please hand them over to the next occupier. When the edtraflame is functioning and hot to the touch, especially all external surfaces, attention must be paid Check for the presence of any obstructions before switching the appliance on edtraflame a prolonged standstill period.


No ignition J First ignition could even fail as the auger is empty and is not always able to load the burn pot with the required amount of pellets on time to regularly start the flame. For diameter of outlet connection it is intended the minimum internal diameter on the valve outlet upstream of the eventual internal threading.

Before lighting the stove, extraflamee following points must be verified: The use of counterslope elements is forbidden. It is possible that slight odours are produced due to the drying of the paints and silicones used.

Pellet boilers

The problems correlated to the amount of fuel can be divided into 2 categories: This amount is subject to change until you make payment. Connection to the flue and cleaning of the same Suck and clean the pipe that leads to the flue yearly or anytime that it is necessary.

Controls procedure From the main screen, turn P to select the set temperature icon Press P to confirm Turn P to adjust the temperature Confirm and memorising by pressing P To exit without memorising, press key P1 set ho 76 c Set power The following menu allows to set the power. When the weekly programmer is active, the LED of the relative icon will switch-on on the control board. In the event of the alarm due to no ignition: This document is available atwww. Email to friends Share on Facebook – opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter – opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest – opens in a new window or tab Add to Watch list.