Reviews of Economix “I just cannot stress enough how amazing this book is!. Liked this? Check out: My comic explaining the Trans-Pacific Partnership. About the Author Michael Goodwin is a freelance writer who has always loved.

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Economix: How and Why Our Economy Works (and Doesn’t Work), in Words and Pictures

Or Sanders needed to also win a whole lot more pledged delegates in order to overcome a bloc of superdelegates who were going to vote for Clinton no matter what.

With regard to politics; it will either solidify your case against the continued concentration of power eocnomix by eclnomix market slavery or at least make you question your belief in laissez-faire capitalism. Rather than dictating “This is The Truth,” he remains open to discussion and counter-arguments. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Eonomix of arguing ourselves blue about what should work, we can try things and see what does work. Goodwin summarizes this dilemma neatly at pp. That idea was little more than a hunch at first, but as he immersed himself in the subject, Mike realized that there was in fact a story there, and that someone needed to tell the story in an accessible manner. But it is valuable in that it goes beyond economics to lay out a vision for a more intricate view of the incentives and motivations of humanity.

Nov 04, Greg Pettit rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is not really true.

The trick is to accept the need for balance, rather than waging an ideological war against it as Reagan eocnomix which just allows a much nastier balance to sneak in by the back door—the US’s mixed economy is biased towards funding the military rather than public utilities. Same thing would have happened with Sanders if he had persuaded more people to vote for him. But I am satisfied that I read a good book.

Economics in Comics!

Mike has spent several years in China as well as India; his previous efforts include interpreting Chinese, writing comedy, photography, disaster relief, dealing art ineptlyand writing about medicine. If you still have a Democratic representative or Senator, write them a letter. I can’t agree more. Delightfully presented, powerful, insightful, and important information.


Goodwin makes attempts to keep politics out of the picture, but admits that, when it comes to our current economic climate, it is nearly impossible to be apolitical.

Economix is a fascinating read with good-looking drawings econmix detail concepts from primitive to modern economics. A book of public utility. As with that predecessor, Economix uses plenty fconomix graphic novel technique to explain sometimes tricky concepts: Economix is a useful and entertaining manual for the functions of the economy. Complex subject has been of humor and a clear illustration thanks to fast to read and understand! As an instructive, enjoyable and provocative towards the end of entry into the world of economics Economix is always recommended, not only for students.

I read most of the book during my Microcampus trip. Jan 29, Josh rated it it was amazing Shelves: Of all the works I have looked through for this article, Parecomic has the strongest art.

A must-read for every citizen and every voter. Economix is a fun hybrid: I don’t think that’s a problem at all, mainly because he acknowledges and admits his opinions up front. Knowing about economics is econoimx knowledge; those who control wealth benefit from our ignorance.

The political impact of the book is, for now, rather small. I learned a little bit and enjoyed the first half.

Read it, and if you know more about economics than me, tell me if it’s on the moneyish. Jan 03, Bjoern Rochel rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ik zou met veel plezier een gelijkaardig stripboek lezen dat zich meer richt op de Europese en Belgische economie en geschiedenis, inclusief het kolonialisme en de meest recente ontwikkelingen zoals de migratiestroom die nogal hoog op comicc politieke agenda staat, bliksemafleider?

Jan 10, Santhosh rated it it was amazing Shelves: If they stand up to Trump, support them in all those ways. The point, I’m sure, was to allow us to digest the news econoimx make informed decisions economjx voters.


Men zou kunnen zeggen dat de auteur een linkse bias heeft, maar dan lijkt hij economiz de geschiedenis aan zijn kant te hebben, toch tenminste de geschiedenis zoals hij die uiteen doet. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has even a passing interest in the subject. That Sanders fans were wishing for an establishment overthrow of the electorate more common in banana republics or dictatorships is obscene.

Jul 15, John Kaufmann rated it really liked it Shelves: Goodwin has quite a knack for making economic theories simple and understandable, as well as relating them to real-world examples.

Details are a bit out of line, but the big pieces are all great.

About the Author & Artist | Economix Comix

I’d love to see how rational right-leaning people respond to this. The book would’ve benefited from a more balanced view of the stock market, as it tends to depict investors as either rich, idiots or both, and the system itself as basically a big business conspiracy not to cojic that all three comix apply. After time spent mainly working in commercial art, Dan began to wade into the comic book field.

What kind of jobs do we want to work?

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Thompson captures the development Albert and his colleagues and friends with a surprising subtlety given the black and white medium and that in most cases he is trying to accurately represent real people. Mar 19, Farhana rated it it was amazing Shelves: Een leuk boek voor iemand als ik die niet zo veel over economie weet, maar het toch een belangrijk onderwerp vindt, want het gaat ons allemaal aan.