Didascalia Apostolorum (translated by R. Hugh Connolly) The Didascalia, or the Catholic Teaching of the Twelve Apostles and Holy Disciples of Our Saviour, . The following text is from R. Hugh Connolly, Didascalia Apostolorum. Oxford: Clarendon Press, While I have not included Connolly’s extensive. Didascalia Apostolorum: Apostolic Constitutions: are an adaptation of the Didascalia Apostolorum, written in Syria about ad They deal with Christian.

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He made altars to all the army of Heaven, and worshipped all the powers of Heaven. This which ye hear, O Christian Nazarenes, who are beneath the sun [is] that ye may learn with diligence and care.

If any man run after iniquity, and oppose the will of God, he shall be counted by God as an heathen and an evildoer. For it is written:? But it is required that the bishop be thus:? Wherefore, as a compassionate physician, heal all those who sin; and go about with all skill, and bring healing to bear for the succour of their lives. But as for thee, strive to make peace with all men, and love thy limbs the children of thy people, JVl3,tu.

And in all that they purpose to do they consult their unclean priest, and without him do nothing, And because they imagine that [[92]] what they do is acceptable, they honour him and worship him, as it were for the honour of the dumb stones that are fixed in the walls, and for the service of the foul and evil and cruel demons.

Or hast thou not heard what the Scripture saith:? The 12 heart of her husband doth trust in her, and treasure is not wanting to her ; she is a helper of her husband in all things ; there is nothing wanting to f. For when there are found many that sin, evil waxes strong; and whereas they that sin are not corrected and reproved that they should repent, this becomes to all an inducement to sin:?

Therefore, my son, e hearken unto me, and decline not from the words of my mouth ; remove i thy way from her, and come not near the door of her house, that thou 8 give not thy life to others, and thy years to those that have no mercy; 9 lest strangers be satisfied with thy substance, and thy merchandise [pass] 10 to the houses of others ; and in thine old age thou repent thyself, when n the flesh of thy body faileth, and thou shalt say, Why did I hate my 12 correction and my heart reject reproof, and I did not hearken to the voice is of my teachers, nor incline my ears to my monitors?


Didascalia Apostolorum

The Gospel is cited by name, usually that of St. For our Saviour Himself also was pleading with His Father for sinners, as it is written in the Gospel: For he who sets abroad an evil report against the bishop, whether by word or by deed, sins against God Almighty. But if you appoint one who is young to the widows’ order, p.

Thou and Aaron didsscalia take upon you the sins of the priesthood. And by reason apostolrum thy harshness, he who goes forth from the Church [[66]] will either depart and enter among the heathen, or will be sunk in the heresies; and he will become an alien altogetherand will depart p.

A treatise which pretends to have been written by the Apostles at the time of the Council of Jerusalem Acts 15but is really a composition of the third century. Now the prayer of such a one is not heard in regard to any thing.

Didascalia Apostolorum

But if your mind be not pure — whether it be through respect of persons, or the gifts of filthy lucre which you receive — and you endure that an evil person should remain among you; or again, if you thrust away and expel from the Church them that are of good conversation, and foster among you many that are evil, contentious persons and scatterers of the flock and riotous:? But if there be one who is innocent, and he be condemned by the judges through respect of persons, the judgement of unjust judges shall do him no hurt with God, but shall rather profit him; for but for a little while is he unjustly judged by men, but afterwards, in the day p.

Edmund Hauler published two years ago at Leipzig fragments of a Latin translation of the Didascalia from a palimpsest at Verona, of the fourth century. For it behoves thee not, O bishop, that being the head thou shouldst obey the tail, that is a layman, a contentious man who desires the destruction of another; but do thou regard only the word of the Lord God.

When they are taken away by a practitioner, that man receives beauty 1 S. The original Law of Moses is to be observed, but not the Second Law, or Deuterosiswhich was given to the Jews on account of the hardness of their hearts.

I 90, the only complete MS. Now for us ourselves, Aaron is the Deacon, and Moses n.

Didascalia Apostolorum | work on ecclesiastical law |

Meditate constantly in the words of the Lord. O my disciples, this poor widow hath cast in more alms than anyone; for everyone hath cast in of that which was superfluous to him:?

Those things then which were said beforetime, hear thou also now. The full title given in the Syriac is “Didascalia, that is, the Catholic doctrine of the twelve Apostles and the holy disciples of our Lord”. And if he is worthy to be received into the Church, appoint him days of fasting according to his offence, two or three weeks, or five, or seven; and so dismiss him that he may depart, saying to him whatever is right for admonition and instruction; and rebuke him, and say to him that he be by himself in [[53]] humiliation, and that he beg and beseech during the days of his fast that he may be found worthy of the forgiveness of sins:?


Let him humble himself, and not be ashamed ; Ap.

For those who are gadabouts and without shame cannot be still even in their houses [cf. And that shall be fulfilled in your case:? Bruns, and Didascaalia, p. Whoso among you desireth to be chief, let him be your servant:?

Aposholorum let him not be resentful, but let him be patient in his admonition; and let him be assiduous in his teaching, p. Thus he that lusteth is guilty as an adulterer.

The Church takes care to keep the feast of the Passover, that is to say, the appointed week, and from the Apostles themselves in the Con- stitution from the second [day] of the week, when the purchase of the lamb takes place. Ye shall keep these charges 5 of the holy things, and the charges of the altar; and there shall be no wrath upon the children of Israel. But before all let him be a good discriminator between the Law and the Second Legislation, that he may distinguish and show what is the Law of the faithful, and what are the bonds of them that believe not; lest anyone of those under thy authority take the bonds for the Law, and lay upon himself heavy burdens, and become a son of perdition.

If there be in it foulness, by a sharp medicine, that is to say by the word of reproof, purify it ; and if more flesh should spring up, by a harsh medicine, that is to say, by the communication of judgment shave it off and reduce it. Therefore, as you have Christ for a pattern, so be you also a pattern to the people under your charge; and as He took upon Him our sins, so do you also take upon you the sins of the people.