The Hamzanama or Dastan-e-Amir Hamza narrates the legendary exploits of Amir Hamza, . A Pakistani author Maqbool Jahangir wrote Dastan-e-Amir Hamza for children in Urdu language. His version contains 10 volumes and was . *TWO* == Amir Hamzah’s cradle goes to the Realm of Qaf, and takes that sun of perfection to Mount Qaf. *THREE* == The dastan of how the Amir and Muqbil. This book is one of the seminal classics of Urdu literature which exists in a number Ghalib Lakhnavi is renowned for his version of the Dastan-e Amir Hamza.

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Currently it is narrated orally by dastangos like Mahmud Faruqui and Danish Hasan fascinating us every time.

Dastan-e-Amir Hamza

He too traces the origin of dastan to be Iran: Dastan-e Amir Hamza in nineteenth century The most widely circulated among the dastans in nineteenth century India was Dastan-e- Amir Hamza contributed by Abdullah Bilgrami and Ghalib Lakhnavi published by the endeavours of Munshi Naval Kishore in with which I am concerned.

GovtModel Ghs rated it it was amazing Dec 28, Dastan-e Amir Hamza also has a strong mythical backing which other new epics lacked. After Humayun, Akbar continued this work in his tenure. And as today we ureu have access to the text; any critique must begin from it.

Dastans were narrated by dastangos3 in courts, coffee houses4 and market places. Log In Sign Up.


Saifee Books Specification Binding: Besides the stories, the characters also quote various epigrammatic verses to make their point. I wish someone would bring me the whole set!

It is patterned on Thousand and One Nights. Tilism-e Khayal-e Sikandari vol. Dec 03, Muznah rated it it was amazing. View all 3 comments. On a full moon night people gathered on the sand after dinner to listen to these stories. Compared to Akbar’s Tutinamaa smaller commission begun and completed while the Hamzanama commission was in progress, the manuscript shows a much greater fusion of the styles of Indian and Persian miniatures.

Dastan – e – Ameer Hamza URDU : URDUSTAN : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

There is a parallel cycle of the nature of Amir Hamza in Arab with similarities of names and places like Anushirwan that corresponds to Nausheravan, the vizier Buzurjmihr who is synonymic to Buzurjmehr, the Persian capital Midan and also jinn of Jabal Qaf. A tale of four dervishes. Intikhab-e Tilism-e Hoshruba In Arabic literary tradition, the genre of storytelling and romance is popularly known as sira or qissa in which the pre-Islamic Arab poets and narrators commemorated the heroism and bravery of tribal chiefs.

Books by Maqbool Jahangir. It was thanks to the publishing house of Feroze Sons and writer Maqbool Jehangir that I was able to sample one of the epic Dastans of Urdu in my childhood.

For further background, here is a general hamzs of the Hamza tradition. Language, Religion and Politics in North India. On august 21,he writes to the nawab of Rampur: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


When Mahomed was born, he assumed Dsatan and fought for the cause of Islam. Qaiser Bakhtiari rated it it hamzq amazing Dasyan 13, Shahnaveed rated it liked it Dec 26, In an interview 29 with Mahmood Faruqui 30Shamsur Rahman Faruqi asserts that in dastan the audience and narrator are same.

In written form too, one translation of Tilism-e oshruba volume 1 has also been published, and another translation condensed from the whole Tilism-e hoshruba. The degree of assimilation varies to the extent that it may not be clear whether the common denominators are of greater importance than the differences. The role of the audience is to listen and relish these stories with Wah!

Even though sira ceased to be used as a genre for oral storytelling the tradition of storytelling sustained itself and thrived throughout the history of Arab tribal era as well as after the advent of Islam. A wonderful read, treasure, stories of my childhood, I can read it over and over and over. But yet they have not done away with the ornate passages as they are the soul of dastans but rather tried to explain those words in the narration itself: Hamzah Shafiq rated it it was amazing Dsstan 18,