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Within the command, the safety office will— 1 Coordinate with other organizations in the development of command safety goals and program. Consumer Safety website The U. The Army will assist the Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps and will provide thesupport requested by the controlling response coordination center.

It assists in the identification, assessment and control of hazards associated with specified missions or tasks. Health Physicists Health physics is a branch of physics concerned with Require primarily application of professional knowledge protecting humans and their environments from unwar- and competence in health physics.

DA Pam Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Inspection ra contractor workplaces by Federal and state will be 385-42 according to DODI To be eligible, an organization must complete 12 consecutive months or complete amajor training exercise or compete an actual deployment of greater than days without experiencing a class A, B, orC accident accident classes as defined in DA Pam —40 attributable to human error.

Miscellaneous Radiation Safety Training. Edward Mikula Safety Manager edward. Goals will not be achieved without a strategic plan that sets forth the process for each goal.

Da Pam 385-24 : The Army Radiation Safety Program (2013, Paperback)

DA level awards— a. Workers also have a responsibility to report unsafe or unhealthyworking conditions that they may uncover in their day-to-day activities.

The Army Radiation Safety Program. Profile each hazard including magnitude, duration, speed of development andseasonal pattern. Among these are— 1 Commanders Safety Course.


Army Headquarters may select one nominee in each of thefollowing categories-division, brigade, battalion and garrison or equivalent. Army military personnel, DA civilians, and Army contracted employees. Staff personnel will develop risk assessments for each activity and participants will be trained in applicable safetymeasures.

The combat developer needs to analyzehistorical accident experiences to provide a basis for developing safety requirements for new systems.

Construction is somewhat unique when it comesto safety and merits its own section, which is located in paragraph 4—4 of this pamphlet. Individuals who have not yet completed thetraining may work under the direct supervision of staff already certified as radiation workers that is, laboratorysupervisors in accordance with DA Pam — These criteria include— a.

Occupational safety and health inspections will be conducted to evaluate how well safety and health standards arebeing implemented and maintained. Chapter 14Workplace Safety Programs14—1. Radiation sourcesSome Army sites may have 3852-4 contamination.

Radiation Safety

The proper application of rules serves to reducehazards and injuries. The SOH directors will establish a safety program integrating CRM in all ad community operations andactivities to reduce risk of accidental losses.

This chapter provides guidance for implementingAR —10, chapter 4. The emergency plan will also address the process to be followed to return to normal operations. It will also inform the individual of their right of appeal as outlined below. Safety Newsletters July January Operate the energy isolating devices to restore energy to themachine or equipment.

The goal of any radiation safety program is to support leadership in providing pamm safe and healthful workplace for its personnel by keeping personnel exposures to radiation, contamination of property, and uncontrolled releases of radioactive materials as low as reasonably achievable. The commander will ;am the effort with thesafety professional serving as advisor and administrator.

All reports will be investigated by safety or health personnel. The start of this investigation is to search historical records to identify what type of ordnance has been used intraining, testing, and stored at the facility.


The panel will be composed of at least four Army Headquarters or installationsafety personnel and the Deputy Director of Army Safety or dw designated representative.

The organization as selected by its higher levels of command through Army Headquar-ters with the most effective overall safety program. An emergency plan must be ;am and updated regularly as new threats andhazards become known and as old ones become less of a risk.

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Names of people submitting signed reports who request anonymity will not be revealed by the installation SOHofficial to anyone other than necessary members of their staff or other appropriate installation-level staff. Emergency planning and preparedness have as the basis of the process a need for speed and flexibility at the localoperational level, the ability to provide assistance across organizational boundaries military-civilian and so on and anability to manage the operation to provide operational, tactical and strategic guidance as necessary.

Each type of workplace to be inspected has specific safety requirements that must be met. Radiation Safety Program Checklist. Criticalelements of pre-event planning are— 1 Identify the person in charge of the site should an accident occur. ResourcesLeaders, commanders, managers, and supervisors are responsible for ensuring organization SSPs are identified andincorporated into each dq budget and personnel requirements documents to support Army safety goals.

Workplace safety programs should 385-2 modified to fit local operations as determined by commanders and SOHstaff to provide maximum safety and reduction of the risk of accidental loss.

Conventional munitions and explosives are a challenge to those charged with responding to emergencies thatinvolve these items. Marine operations pre-event planning a.