Buy Warmachine Cygnar: Faction Deck (Mk III): Mini Table Games – Mint condition set of all the cards I need to bump my MKII team up to MKIII!. Official customizable wet- or dry-erase capable Warmachine and Hordes tokens take your players’ games to the next level! This faction set includes key tokens. I’m getting back into WM, but as I have the original figures, I need to get the updated cards. As the Cygnar and Khador decks are now as rare as.

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Warmachine and Hordes Faction Guide. How do the Factions of Warmachine play?

Which faction might I like best? Faction survey by koghrun. I’m getting back into WM, dards as I have the original figures, I need to get the updated cards. As the Cygnar and Khador decks are now as rare as rocking-horse poo, I’m looking to order what I need from the PP site. Hence my quandary – the obvious cards to cut are the 2 reference cards, but I was wondering what was actually on them, and how useful they are. Has anyone got these cards and can please tell me what’s on them?

Obviously they don’t have images on the PP shop, and I’ve had a look in the Cygnar book, but it doesn’t seem to have a reference sheet in it, to give me an idea of what’s on them.

Cygnar Token Set MK. III

Also most people just use the warroom app. Will have a nose on Bartertown, though. I’ve cygna had a look at the app and I don’t think it’s much good to me, really – I like to be able to see all my cards at once, and even on a 10″ tablet you’re never going to have the real-estate to show more than a couple.

  6ES5 318-8MA12 PDF

Plus if I want to play my mate, he will use one of my armies so we will have to share the app if I don’t have cards, which isn’t the most practical of situations. But yeah, check bartertown. If that doesn’t help then PP is the way to go if the ebay guys are too expensive. Go the WarRoom route. Couldn’t find the decks, and they were not complete. Warroom was the best option, and I regret nothing.

It seems quite clunky and not smooth moving between cards, esp having to close a card before you can open the next, and not displaying multiple cards on-screen concurrently. Isn’t it a bit of a pain to actually play with? Can I host a game via bluetooth and without an internet connection as we probably won’t have one where we play? If not, I’ll need to run two armies from the same tablet, and it doesn’t look like it can do cygnwr I’ve only had a quick look, so sorry if I’ve missed anything obvious.

Typically, I only worry about my own cards. They either have cards or War room usually WR.

It hasn’t felt cygnae to me. I only need one card at a time, honestly. Swapping back and forth as needed hasn’t been a problem. Does the War Room have the icon reference card? I’m guessing not as the app should link the icons, but I can’t activate the reference section, to check, until I buy a deck. There’s no real need for it since all the card does is tell you the name of the rule that a given icon represents, and if you’re using War Room you can find that out and more just by tapping the icon.

Cgnar open the card you’re looking at, and BOOM! What do they mean? Tap it, see what it means. I printed and laminated a reference card at one point. Once I had warroom cwrds, I lost the sheet and haven’t even tried looking for it.


Also split crads response-threading purposeson a slightly different tack – do people use the app in tournaments for tracking wounds, etc? If this happened in a tournament, I take it that would be an automatic forfeit?

Or do people just use it to reference the cards in a tournament setting, and still manually track damage?


I was wondering what was actually on them, and how useful they are. All they are is a list of all the icons that you will find on the cards, together with the name of caards icon’s rule. They don’t describe the rules themselves in any way, it’s just a recognition-list – you look at a card and go “what does this icon mean? You can totally live without them; if you do want one, you only need one a second would be exactly the same, but with a different faction ‘background’ on the card.

That’s great and exactly what I wanted to find out though the other stuff that’s come out has also been usefulthanks. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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Cygnar/Khador Icon Reference Cards : Warmachine

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No-one seems to have answered this yet, so: