Cicerone Ionitoiu – Martiri si Marturisitori ai Bisericii Ortodoxe din Romania Prima pagină · Arhiva de documente · Colecţia Cicerone Ioniţoiu Rezistenţa anticomunistă din munţii României, – SOVIETICII SE APROPIE DE GRANIŢELE ROMÂNIEI. În vara anului forţele ruseşti se apropiau mereu de România, cu toate încercările disperate ale.

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I am protesting against the theft of the elections. Photo source Almost more upsetting than his death to me was that had I not ionitkiu Mr Herlea’s post, Ciccerone would not have known he had left us.

Although these texts are only in Romanian, you can read them in full here. Photo source Oh, how sad Mailbag — All Things Romania. The government responded by sending in truckloads of CFR Romanian Railways workers armed with clubs, who used force to break up the protests. Adresse email visible uniquement par l’auteur du blog.

Born on 8th May in Craiova, he joined in the fight against soviet occupiers and their allies immediately after the Second World War. If so, then for shame. Could it be that he really is simply unknown in his native homeland? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Please do read Sam’s excellent post on Ionitoiu – it’s absolutely overflowing with information.

Here is a translation of Mr Herlea’s words: Photo source In Paris, he continued to be extremely active.

File:Iuliu Maniu genealogy, by Cicerone Ionitoiu.jpg

There, you have a man who CARES about the city, about architecture, about patrimony and preservation. Here is a translation of Mr Herlea’s words:. He also worked diligently for the past 35 years to assemble the 11 volumes of the Victims of the Communist Terrorlisting thousands of people who were persecuted and jailed by the regime.


He not only incompetently crashed his plane in the Frozen Tears debacle but gunned down a man in and apparently shot and killed a homeless dog purely for sport cicrone a service road at Otopeni Airport ciceeone Instead, I learn of it from the president of an association here in Paris and an American living in Cluj Alte timpuri, alte moravuri! He was, in effect, the Romanian equivalent of Aleksandr Solszhenitsyna man who suffered enormously at the brutal hands of a Communist dictatorship and then dedicated his life to documenting the atrocities.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Cancel reply Enter your comment here From a modest peasant family, he was a student of history and part of the youth leaders of the PNT Parti National Paysan Roumain – the largest democratic party in the country.

Try to be nice! With a courage and determination that seemed to have no bounds, Ionitoiu tirelessly lead the fight for the freedom, democracy and dignity of the Romanian people.

Cicerone Ionitoiu – Martiri si Marturisitori ai Bisericii Ortodoxe din Romania 1948-1989

Despite his bravery and his numerous accomplishments, his death was marked cicerlne by a brief mention in three small newspapers, all of them just reprinting a press release from the PNTCD party. In loc fabricam Nicusori May he rest in peace.

Farewell to Cicerone Ionitoiu. Got something to say? Email required Address never made public. Hotnews and Mediafax, what happened to you?

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File:Iuliu Maniu genealogy, by Cicerone – Wikimedia Commons

He was taken to a secure location where he was held for a week and badly tortured. Previous Post Out here miles from their home. He not only survived these hellholes but regularly stood up to the guards, knowing full well he cicerons risking his life and safety every time.

Afterhe took an active role in the rebirth of the PNT, helped its president Corneliu Coposu and denounced the acts of those who were really in power in Romania: A sample page can be found hereand my translation of a single case is below:.

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I lost half an hour of my life on Sunday January 26 watching the 7: Later I woke up soaking wet because they had thrown a bucket of water on me because I had fallen unconscious. They have honour wherever they are, but they are not remembered or respected.

I have just seen a post on the Facebook page of La Maison Roumaine by its president Alexandre Herlea on the recent death of writer, resistance fighter and political prisoner under the communist regime Cicerone Ionitoiu. What exactly is your problem, Dan? Ionitoiu wrote a number of highly impressive works, amongst them: Cruelly tortured by the Securitate in Roman and Bacau, the children were forced to declare their guilt of the following actions:.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. May Cicerone Ionitoiu rest in peace at last – and may all those like him who tirelessly fought for the freedom and dignity of the Romanian people not get too dizzy turning in their graves as they see what has become of the population for whom they so relentlessly battled To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Always write kindly of my adopted country.

Farewell to Cicerone Ionitoiu – Sarah in Romania

Next Post A Profusion of Politicians. You are right, Sarah in Romania. But far more troubling for me was the complete absence of any ionitliu in Romania about the death of one of its greatest men, who died in his bed in Paris, France on January 26 at the age of