Study Flashcards On CBSPD at Quickly memorize the terms, Material Safety Data Sheets for chemicals. Ethics is the practice of? Doing the right. Disclaimer: The purchase of the study material below is optional and is not the best or only means of preparation for any CBSPD exam. NOTE: Due to rising. CBSPD * The Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution. is an INDEPENDENT CBSPD Ambulatory Surgery Study Guide – 3rd Edition; 2.

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I am a certified surgical tech and vbspd my certification when necessary and found studying the surgical text given in class was adequate in helping me prepare for the test.

Maestra Tempa will help you to choose the correct temperature settings of rooms and equipment and even how to monitor them with all types of tools, and more! Even though I have read all the surgeries in my books, sometimes it just doesnt make sense till you do it in person.

Joyce in Charlotte, North Carolina. Huide thank you to all of my teachers and preceptors Jenifer E in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

I am pretty sure that if the right people saw this post they could keep you from sitting for the test again or if you have already taken it and passed, they could revoke your certification. I would appreciate it. There are a ton of questions that, even if you don’t know the answer, you will be stucy to make an ‘educated guess’ by canceling out the obvious wrong answers.

This guide will help you develop quality systems for all SPD Department functions. I got a sterile processing job while still in school, and shortly after graduation, I landed a surgical technician position at the same hospital. Stdy had never used or seen that instrument and I went for something I knew, go figure! Feb Surgical Instrument Specialist Packet.


As a scrub, you need to understand and be able to anticipate the needs of the surgeon and his assistant. I figured AST would be the safest route. Cbsp one CEU when you complete the quiz at the end of the game! Join the Lone Labeler to guidd all about equipment labels and how they play a critical role in safety. Most facilities give you time to get it, being military you should have no trouble at all my friend It was pretty resonable IMHO.

Thx there is some anatomy on the test, prefix and suffixes, aseptic technique as well as ortho. Join EndoGal to learn all about the proper care of endoscopes through mini-games about decontam, cleaning verification, storage and microbial surveillance. I have studied every book I own including my Alexander’s and my anatomy books but it seems like there are always things you just wont know I’m trying to think of any and everything!

I’m using Appleton and I feel confident. But since my last reply I took the test on Jan 12th and it blew me away! Work with WIKI to learn about proper packaging techniques using peel pouches. I do plan on taking the test but I do not want to have a difficult time trying to find a job in the meantime. I’ve had 2 in the past. Join EndoGal to learn all about the different types of endoscopes and their uses, as well as how to properly inspect and transport them.

Of course a lot of the questions concerned draping and general surgical field questions. Don’t forget to save time with your journal in-services by using a Ongoing CEU Record in place of certificates. For details, click here. Everyone who has had stucy test that I know has failed. The good news is that I passed so if you do that, you should be able to pass too. Central Service Sterilization Investigators!

  6ES5 430-7LA12 PDF

Patricia Thomas in Jackson, Tennessee months ago.

April Surgical Instrument Processor Packet. May Surgical Instrument Specialist Packet. Join Maestra Tempa to learn all about temperature.

I said all of that to say this Join us with Pierre to experience the Art of Brushing. Not because I was ever asked to or made to.

About Games StudyGuides Questions?

Has anyone taken the certification test?

You need to understand sutures, instrumentation, counts, anatomy, nerves, major studdy, tendons, bones etc. I have never had a problem getting a job that I wanted, I’ve never been certified, but I have alot of experience. They used different names for positions, so you might look over your positions and names.

Work with Maestra Tempa to learn about temperature monitoring using a variety of tools. It may take up to 5 minutes to download depending on your internet connectionbut it is a FREE program.

NCCT website has their own study material. Job title, keywords, or company. Im currently in the Navy and certification was never an issue.

Indicators, Disinfection and Sterilization Free CE Study Guide by STERIS University

A new Flash-based game that takes you on a learning adventure all about Safety and Personal Protective Equipment and Attire. Jenifer E in Fredericksburg, Virginia months ago. Tuide new Flash-based game that takes you on an adventure delivering trays and scopes to SPD for processing.

Find a Test Site Here! Elizabeth in Houston, Texas said: