The Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) Code of Ethics () sets forth the values and principles that guide professional social work practice. Although the official Code of Ethics for social workers in British Columbia is the BCASW/BCCSW Code of Ethics, the Code of Ethics developed by the Canadian . Ethical behaviour lies at the core of every profession. The Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) Code of Ethics sets forth values and principles.

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In joining with the Aboriginal position we need to be clear about the ideological stance we are embracing.

A Moral Crisis for Social Work: Critical Practice & Codes of Ethics

ethucs These codes incorporated at best, global assumptions based on general notions of social justice, elimination of discrimination and self-determination. This remains unfinished business for the profession. It was the concern that social work in the main continues to give credence to universal principles, which attracted us to a postmodern analysis of social work ethics.

Although social work has always had a progressive element in its ranks, it is in the past two decades that a perspective has developed which challenges the hegemony of conventional social work theories of ‘person reform’ and ‘social reform’.

This is despite the well-documented claims by Indigenous people that by being free to determine their own destinies, their circumstances will improve Dennisp.

Guidelines for Ethical Practice

She discusses a case scenario as a hospital social worker, documenting how modernist theories of social work did not allow her to deal adequately with the scope of responses she faced when dealing with a mother who murdered her child. Social workers will act without prejudice, seeking to prevent and eliminate negative discrimination based on grounds such as: The revised Code does, but is limited.


Nova Scotia College of Social Workers. The Future of Canadian Social Policy.

CASW Code Of Ethics/NLASW Standards of Practice | NLASW

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Encyclopedia of Social Work: As a profession we need to be careful to avoid a return to what Colin Tatzp. She found that calling on the modernist theoretical perspectives did not deal with the contradictions facing her in trying to provide explanations for the inconsistencies and concerns she experienced when cide with complex and extraordinary events. Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Social Workers.

This paper takes the work a step further by applying our reflections ethivs the situation of Indigenous people in Australia, Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders. Academic Programs How to apply. Manitoba College of Social Workers. An examination of the social work codes of a number of western countries supported our concerns about the critical lag between theory and ethics.

The Practice of Social Work: However, he is not necessarily calling for the abandonment of ethics, but the rejection of typically modernist ways of going about moral problems, including the search for absolutes. Criticisms from the practitioners of the AASW Code included that it was not adequate in addressing issues of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race, disability, age and class; the Code was seen as based on middle class and western notions and Anglo-Celtic institutions; and the Code had limited reflection of other world views and diversity of practice.

They acknowledge the historical disadvantage suffered by indigenous people and the implications of this for social work practice. Reconstructing an Emancipatory Project, Coode, London.


She statesp. I think the current Code of Ethics is very much within a very Western model and therefore may not necessarily be appropriate with other groups of people who hold a different world view. Although the social work profession has joined with others in advocating for a reconciliation process between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples, there has been little evidence of more direct advocacy.

If we accept the impossibility of now finding ethiics voice’ in which to represent difference and if we embrace a politics of difference Yeatmanthen it may be possible to have a Code which reflects diversity. Our analysis is consistent with a developing critique of universalising approaches which has emerged following engagement with postmodern perspectives in social work HoweLeonard Alberta College of Social Workers.

For example, the Standards of Practice incorporated in the Australian Code of Ethics includes a statement under the umbrella of commitment to social justice that: The exploration has been part of a journey to see the formulation of a more relevant moral framework for case profession. It is aspirational and provides an ideal to strive for. It does incorporate some statements about Indigenous Australians but these are minimal.

This article’s use of core links may not follow Wikipedia’s policies or guidelines. For Baumanalthough the postmodern perspective offers more wisdom, the postmodern setting makes acting on that wisdom more difficult.