This customizable design generates custom Bahtinov masks, which are used to aid focusing telescopes during astrophotography. They are named after Paul. Bahtinov mask generator 3D models available on Trying to go to David (Farmer Dave)’s famous mask generator at is currently resulting in a DNS error. I’ve tried contacting David.

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Dave Edited December 18, by Dave. Edge thickness must be a gwnerator number. The mask works by replacing the aperture stop of the optical system normally the circular shape of the objective itself with a stop which is asymmetric and periodic.

Once you have downloaded this software, a simple demonstration of its capabilities would be to try it out on each of the three test images in Figure 1.

astrojargon – Bahtinov Focusing Mask Generator: Version

Bahtinov mask is highly superior to the Hartmann focusing mask, its predecessor, however it is more complicated to make. Thing Statistics Views. This is because the human brain interprets geometrical shape much faster than a numerical value, and is capable of evalutating its “average” position much easier.

I’ve made the mask for my 8″ reflector using materials commonly avaliable in an office supply store. The Bahtinov Mask is a very elegant solution to one of the biggest problems that besets the deep sky astro-photographer – focus! Focal length must be a positive number. By setting the amount to a positive number, they start farther to the outside. Angle must be a non-negative number between 0 and Top margin must be a non-negative number. Register a new account. In a similar way – a daylight solar filter can be made, by glueing a sheet of ” Astrosolar ” film or a similar product between two circles of plastic.


Show Some Love – Tip brentb.

While using the browser to preview the SVG is useful in understanding the effect of changing parameters, I no longer recommend printing these directly from the browser. Central generaator diameter must be a non-negative number.

The Bahtinov mask is a device used to focus small astronomical telescopes accurately. You shouldn’t need to tweak this unless your generaator are too narrow for cutting, in which case, divide the factor by 3.

If your scope has a secondary mirror holder all SCTs domeasure the diameter of the external mount. What will I see in a Telescope.

Dropbox is the perfect tool for keeping all your files in sync: Once printed, attach some self-adhesive felt pads on the bottom of the mask the side that will face the corrector to protect the corrector lens. Copyright astro jargon. If you print this Thing and display it in public proudly give attribution by printing and displaying this tag. Sign generatro Already have an account?

Bahtinov Mask Generator

Required materials for a 8″ mask. Correct focus is achieved when the centre line fits exactly in the centre of the cross as shown in the sample images below in Figure 1: Left margin must be a non-negative number.

When precize focus is achieved – the pattern becomes symmetrical. Ideally, should be between – Override the slot width here.


Bahtinov mask

It consists of a disk made of opaque material fitted over the telescope objective with slots cut out in a specific bahrinov devised by amateur astrophotographer Pavel Bahtinov. Unless you feel strongly about it, leave this uchecked.

Good options are red or black. Using one of these masks attached to the front of your camera, accurate focus can be achieved using the built in screen of a DSLR camera or the captured image of an astro-CCD camera on a computer screen. Havn’t done one for my 10″ though. Retrieved 17 July Next step was to measure the telescope outter diameter, and to draw a circle on plastic.

I think based on others responses that i’ll have a go at making another one and see what happens.

genertaor Or sign in with one of these services. I have generated printable PDF templates for the most popular telescope apertures using the original bahtinov mask generator from “Astrojargon” website. Bahtinov mask takes guessing out of the equation, and it can be used also on “regular” camera lenses for astrophotography.

Read the CN thread for an explanation. If you plan to open the generated SVG with Illustrator, check this box – if you forget, you can always scale the drawing by 0. Tough geneartor to describe.