See what your car is doing in realtime, get fault codes, sensor data and more! An OBD II engine ECU diagnostics tool that uses a cheap bluetooth ELM / OBD. AUTODIJAGNOSTIKA ELM OBD II V A+++ Nova Auto dijagnostika ELM OBD II V A+++ verzija za god! Dijagnostika je vrlo laka za rukovanje . Foxwell NT OBD2 Auto Scanner Automotive OBDII Engine Fault Code Reader Autel MaxiCOM MK OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Auto Tool OBD 2.

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EcoOBD2 fits all car from the year of No matter your mechanical experience, the check engine light doesn’t have to be daunting. If you’re planning to diagnose and fix your vehicle, the more advanced OBD2 code readers are likely a good choice for your needs.


Once you have the codes from your code reader, you can research the diagnostics data online or in the mechanical manual for your car. Automotive voltmeters read the electrical system of the car and test relays and fuses.


Got one to sell? Bez pozitivnih ocena u poslednjih 12 meseci Pozitivne: Custom Bundle see all. You can also send the codes to your mechanic for evaluation.

Download OBD Auto Doctor

The xuto is very user-friendly, and easy to learn. Short Term Fuel Trim An absolute must for every technician looking for a fast and accurate solution to electrical systems diagnostics. Please provide a valid price range. Scan Clear Codes 3. These can help you determine what may be the problem, and if it requires going to a mechanic.

Download the EOBD Facile OBD2 car diagnostic software – Outils OBD Facile

Guaranteed by Sat, Jan 5. Record the codes sent to the screen. It is also very easy to install: Simply follow the steps below: Graphs data Dijjagnostika 9.

In the engine work process, high fuel pressure might make the engine mix over rich, resulting in engine weakness, burning is not clean, increase carbon deposition, tail gas exceeding standard and other issues. ELM Upcoming Features: Export Data, Display Real 5.


How do you choose a diagnostics tool? There are several types of diagnostic tools available, including scan tools you can hold and those that work wirelessly. To uninstall the program, simply delete the entire contents of the folder where the program resides.

Also works on GM models.

Automotive Diagnostic Service Tools for sale | eBay

This code reader provides stats and sends the odb to PC software. Displays live O2 sensor test data 8. Air Flow Rate Length of push-on connectors: It’s an inexpensive education in mechanical fixes.

If it requires going to a mechanic, you can give them information to make diagnosis more quickly. If your auto only needs minor fixes, diagnostic scan tools can help you learn more about your vehicle and making repairs. Buying Format see all.