‘ATHMA VIDYA VILASA’ OF AVADHOOTHA .. describing the splendor of Atma vidya everyday, will grow mature in the wisdom of the supreme. [Advaita-l] Atma Vidya Vilasa – mp3 audio. Ravi Kiran ravikiranm at . Wed Jul 13 CDT Previous message: [Advaita-l] Dvaita Accepts. Swamini Lalitananda has joined hands with Sri. Omananda Swamiji in a noble undertaking. Together they are raising funds to house, feed and educate over.

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The great Recluse who has awakened to the state of the perfect Vilaea rests in his house, which is the deserted bush on the river bank, on the rare and very comfortable bed of soft sands.

He has no hatred and endearment. I now begin to say a few sweet words of praise, in order that I may rest in my own Self. Unless you investigate this sheath, that is maya and ignorance, you can never merge with him.

He could be a sanyasi or a householder; he could wear clothes or could be naked. He pervades in all objects, including trees.

He is unconcerned amidst wealth and comforts. Taking rest in the outskirts of the forest and regarding the entire universe as a mere blade of grass, the Yogin, his body smeared with mud and straw, enjoys secret Villasa in regions beyond old age and death.

Atma vidya vilasaSadashiva Brahmendrasri Chandrasekhara Bharathi. The King of Ascetics sports in viasa expanse of unvarying Bliss, which is ever most pleasing, riding high on the neck of the elephant of Right Knowledge and vanquishing his enemy, Ignorance. So also,in Brahma Jnani, there are not expressive objects outside.


[Advaita-l] Atma Vidya Vilasa – mp3 audio

He wanders about, with his desires crushed and with his pride, self esteem and envy all gone, realizing in his mind that this universe in its entirety is insubstantial and proceeds from Maya. He has also written another composition with the same title Atma Vidya Vilasam. About twenty-two of his compositions have been recovered. He is without sound and voice.

[Advaita-l] Atma Vidya Vilasa – mp3 audio

But he transcends them. Gidya is unconcerned with past, present and future. Knowing that everything is the result of avidya ignorancehe remains unattached to anything. He is blooming without impurities, without the consciousness of day and night. Having renounced all, he moves about naked. He may even abandon his daily duties.

But again his desires are not different from him. He by Self-Bliss makes them feel inner harmony and removes all their ills since he is a Brahma Jnani.

He is the boat to cross the ocean of samsara, wordly lifewith all its miseries. They are asked to show ‘mudras’ – hand posture, to the divine will.

The Jnani is alike a fattened elephant, deserted by all the other animals in the jungle and moves about freely and climbs the mountains at his will. He makes every effort to tame that mind, with his mind! He moves about in deserted places, taking only food that is made available to him.

The Vedas describe That like this: He enjoys Bhumanda, that is all pervasiveness of Brahman and enjoys eternal bliss. He is the Witness, in spite of his body, touching, smelling, tasting,eating, hearing, walking, sleeping, dreaming, respiring, talking,excretinghandling, eyelids batting and closing and all acts done by the organs. The great Muni shines in the ethereal region of Chit Vishnupadathe fit abode of the Gods, a spotless moon which causes the blue lilies to bloom and the moonlight of whose wisdom dispels ignorance.


He is not bound by sanyasi dharma either. Not all Sanyasis are Avadhutas and not all Avadhutas are Sanyasis. In that blissful state all the periods of past, present and future merge in him. He however, soon thereafter ran away from home never to return. Due to vasanas, the actions may come about for a while. He does not think of all of what is past, nor does he care in his mind about the future.

This book is about the 43 verse composition. On one occasion when he met his past associate Sridhar Venkatesha Iyer, the later remarked that it was laudable to be a mauni in worldly matters; and questioned what prevented him from singing the praise of the Almighty.

He, the Jnani moves about freely in all his acts, with this understanding undeterred. For the advanced souls, he is in the Space. They make a lot of introspection. The Yogin sees nothing; nor does he speak; he does not hear any word, that is spoken.