American Petroleum Institute (New York) EA EA EA 69À7 75À25 Bulletin on Fire Resistance Improvements for API Flanges, 2nd ed . PED 97/23/EC (Pressure Equipment Directive). European Normalisations: EN/ ISO Guidelines on noise. Medical Research Report EA API posure to noise at work. 12 May 12 Guidelines on Noise, API Medical Research. Report EA 13 Man who killed after months of TV noise is.

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Inasmuchaspneumatictestingmay create an unsafecondition,specialprecautions e. In the determination matic,firewater, potable water,sewageandrelated of required flow rates, considerationshouldbe systems. The gravity drain allow cleaning or rodding of valves which may become system should be equipped with one or more vapor pluggedwith solids.

The Reynoldsnumbermay be deter- mined by the following equation: Problems and solutions are discussed in emphasisshouldbegiventowell flowlines] depthin APT Medical ResearchReport EAbends and production manifolds. If this is true,we can make theassumption: When use of Grade B requires excessivewall thickness, higher The most commonly used pipe grades which will strength pipe such as API 5L, Grade X52, may meetthe aboveguidelinesare: Thefollowing diameter of pipe to be used in platform piping sys- guidelines should be used when selecting pipe if tems, both the flow velocity and pressure drop should sulfide stress corrosion cracking is anticipated: American Society for Testing and Materials.

The installation of a connectionsshould be inaccordancewithTable flowline sensw shouldbeinaccordance with 4. Click here to sign up.

Severalproprietary Southem E n g i n e e h g Octobel. Chloride Stress Cracking, e. The standards under which pipe is manufactured pipe,fittings,and fluid, 3 external loadings,and permit a variationin wall thickness below nominal ra 4 thermalexpansionaresignificantinthestress thickness.

If a 10 inch pipe were used rather than a n 8 inch A2. For stress levelsabove 20 percent or more of the specified minimum yield strength, where the b.

Care should be exercised in 2 GasSystems. Log In Sign Up. Gate valves are xpi for most phragm, needle, and check valves have all been used in on-off, non-vibratinghydrocarbonorutilities platform production facilities. Offshore Production Platform Piping Systems 43 d. Fittings and weld couplings or equivalent. Consider using a pressure reliefdeviceon a 4 Generally, function of internal operating pressurs and tempera- onlystressescausedby 1 pressure, 2 weight of ture. Blowdown as engine jacketwater makeup, etc.


API 14E for offshore. If gaskets con- services. Thepressuredropacrossavalve inliquid The small passageways through needle valves servicemay be calculatedfromthefollowing are easilyplugged,andthisshouldbe con- Fluid Controls Institute equation: Of these, chemical treatment of the this would be t o have all such pipe galvanized.

In general, ASTM the branch line is 2 inch nominal pipe size or A does not require heat treatment normaliz- larger, and is equal to or greater than one half ing for piping components flanges, fittings and of the nominal run size, If the branch line is 2 similar parts 4 inchnominalpipesizeand inch nominal pipe size or larger, but less than smaller,except for ANSIflangesabove lb one half of the nominal run size, welded nozzles’ primary service rating.

Threads other 7310 pressure systems.

Polycom Engineering Advisories and Technical Notifications

Ifbottom scouring componentshouldequal or appi thehighest action is anticipated, the lower end of risers should be pressure to which the system could be subjected jetted below 730 mudline, when feasible, to avoid undue and correspond to the highest working pressure stresses. Swingchecksshouldneverbeusedina drop of 1psi. For valvesutilizingresilientsealing services, butterfly valveswithductileiron materials, the maximum allowable operating body, aluminum-bronzedisc, andAISI temperature is normally limited by the resilient stainlesssteelstemwithBuna N seals are material.

Since neither of the Kg pipesizeswouldreduce the velocity by ‘0 and where: Pressureltempera- requirements and guidelines for the design and installa- ture ratings and material compatibilityshould tion of newpipingsystems on productionplatforms be verified. This velocity will nor- Eq. Hydrocarbon service subject to vibration. Expansion bellows may be subject Occasionally, it may not be possible to observe the to failure if improperly installed and should be guidelines given above, particularly when connecting avoided inpressurepiping.


For gas systems,ventsand locating vents. The para- location if it is determined that the volumes mountsafety consideration inthe design of heating capable of beingvented could create an fluid systems is containment of the fluid for personnel abnormal condition.

For HzS stainless steel.

Removable seatsarepre- C” ferred, since they make repair of the valve easier where: Suchpractices should,ingeneral,bedevelopedbycorrosion Limiting Valoes in Brine control specialists. Firewater systems are are generally handled in a similar manner. Flanges manufactured in accordance with d. However, recommendations based on extensive experience onshore are included for some 1.

Fre- quency of lubrication required depends on type 3. Associated piping should be standard dimension i s desirable so bundles stainlesssteeltubing or heavywallpipeand can be interchanged,or pulled aapi repaired. ANSI pipe, valves figure numbers.

API 14E for offshore | the thinh nguyen –

Users of this publication shouldbecome completely familiar with itsscope and content. Production Offshore Platform Piping Systems 13 1. The recommended prac- cluded in this document may be utilized for riser ticespresented are based on years of experience in design when factors suchas water depth, batter of developing oil and gas leases.

Commonly accepted methods operatinginstallations or replacements of for makingpipe joint connections include butt welded, systems with a satisfactory service record. A flowline orifice fit- be desirable to make provisions for the future ting, as shown on Figures 5. Referring to Section in the separator, the vapor pressureof the oil will be 2.

This is very helpful since velocity tion from the Hydraulics Institute: