Jericho. By Ann McMan. Disclaimers: None. All of the characters are mine ( although two of them may bear uncanny physical resemblances to two others you . Jericho was The Atheneum’s #7 Story of , and a Finalist for the Golden Crown Literary Society Ann Bannon Award. It was voted by Goodreads. Goldenrod, a Jericho novel, will be published in February

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Jericho is the complete package: I can meet you there in half an hour, and we can knock this out in a fraction of the time it would have taken you. Clever quips aside, it was nice to spend time with this memorable collection of friends and gossips.

Welcome Back to Jericho | Ann McMan

A rare kind of novel. Hoping someone will choke on a piece of gristle and need the Heimlich maneuver? They both guffawed sophomorically.

To ask other readers questions about Jerichoplease sign up. This is extremely tropish The pace is very very very slow and there is a lot of meat on the bones of the story That made the story so much believable, you could feel the characters changing, growing into something else, and The air was filled with the pungent scent of pine needles and dry grass. She wished the jjericho librarian wasn’t so damn beautiful. Maddie decided to reply honestly. You’re supposed to drop me off at Mrs.

Syd rolled jerihco eyes.

The two women relaxed in wide-armed Adirondack chairs on Maddie’s front porch. Just who do you think will be attending this event, hmmm? Syd shook it warmly.


Jerifho really like to an the walk. There were cars and trucks parked at rakish angles all over the place. Do you wanna walk around outside for few minutes? Michael squeezed her elbows before releasing her. The ending was also a wee abru I like the “longer” books more since they also tell you what happens after the usual happy ever after affair once the leads get together. The doctor was dressed in the same faded blue jeans from the morning, but had changed her polo shirt for a fitted, mc,an v-neck t-shirt.

Syd laid the receiver down and walked toward the processing area to fetch Roma Jean. Maybe we’ll see you tomorrow at the barbecue? Maddie gave her an amused look. Syd answered her smile and dropped into a chair beside her.

Welcome Back to Jericho—Goldenrod Coming in 2017

Refresh and try again. My last cup was from a Bojangles in Durham. Those abbreviations took ten years to acquire, and I’m still paying for most of them. It actually reminds me a little bit of All That Matters by Susan X Meagher, because both are friends to lovers romances where we see the friendship develop from the very beginning.

The woman behind the car had stopped unloading, and now stood a little warily, watching Maddie as she approached. But I just couldn’t face it tonight. She heard the rush of water as the washing machine started filling, and then Syd walked back into the room.

Return to Book Page. Aug 30, Jo reece rated it it was amazing. I happen to know that I’m the only member of the library board who hasn’t ponied up yet with some material support. Jessie looked up at the redhead in amazement. Jericbo fear they now think of you as a healthy dose of fresh blood in the water. He was still ringing-wet from his sojourn in the river. Jasper on November 23, at 4: The glasses are in that cabinet behind you.


Jericho Series by Ann McMan

So it didn’t bother me as much as I was in the beginning. I highly recommend listening to the audio book because the reader is fabulous. The romance is jerico at a slow pace, so readers can witness the love between them growing instead of the characters just hopping into bed on page two. I’ve known him since childhood.

Fortunately, mcmn entire book was engaging as the relationships between the characters builds up. View all 8 comments.

CJ on October 17, at 9: Jessie looked at her in surprise and dismay. When she spoke, her voice was familiar. Dad helped him get into the hotel management program at N.

Jericho Series

He held a bright green tennis ball in his mouth. What do you have on tap for the rest of this fine evening? He led them past a dozen larger tables, all set for parties of four or six, to a more remote section of the room near the entrance to a large sun porch.

From up north somewhere, aren’t you? Maddie looked at her oddly, then shook her head and eased the car into gear.