The main AD Administration log file is called by default. This name Use AD admin, not the AD relink utility directly, to relink non. ADADMIN UTILITY. In order to ensure that Oracle Applications system runs smoothly, we must perform routine maintenance tasks. We run. Adadmin Utility – Download as .rtf), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Reload JAR files to database utilitj. US Please select languages for generating Oracle Forms files. Many AD utilities accept additional arguments to those listed.

JInitiator then downloads required JAR files to each client again, causing runtime performance degradation. When you access the Dashboard, you can use the Navigate To: These utilities do not use menus or input screens.


Some tasks on this menu report on issues, or potential issues, with database entities, and others actually remedy the issues. There are two types of snapshots: If you choose No, it generates only JAR files that are missing or out-of-date.

You should enter both the argument and the value in lowercase type the utility automatically converts the “token” portion to lowercase, but it cannot convert the “value”. Enter your AD Administration log file name or press [Return] to accept the default file name shown in brackets. Enter the number of workers [2]: This program can only be called by the manager processes, and cannot be run stand-alone. If you choose Yes, all JAR files are generated more time-consuming.


Most AD utilities require access to system parameters stored in various configuration and environment files when processing maintenance tasks. Maintain Multiple Reporting Currencies schema 6. LOG is not recognized by the utility.


Your current database configuration supports a maximum of 48 workers. You start AD Administration from the command line. If an error occurs while you are using AD Relink, or if you are not sure that the relinking was successful, review this file to see what issues should be fixed.

You can run AD Controller without user intervention by creating a defaults file, which captures information you supply at the interactive prompts in a file that you can later use to run AD Controller without user intervention.

This may be from the command line, or via a Web-based interface. In this case, separate the values with commas. Sridevi K October 28, Exit AD Utiliry Enter your choice [6]: A current view snapshot is created once and updated when appropriate to maintain a consistent view. OAM displays the results on the Simple Search page.

The worker processes are instances of the adworker program. Many AD utilities prompt for information necessary for completing a task. It must exist in the SYS schema and contain exactly one row. You cannot enter a number of workers greater than the database can support.

Most issues can be fixed by either compiling invalid database objects or recreating grants and synonyms. Maintain multi-lingual tables 4. Generates the binary Oracle Reports report files extension. You must adaddmin the environment in order to apply the environment variables that define your system.


Each section of the file contains instructions for resolving the issues that are listed.

To exit AD Administration, press [Return]. U’r Life May 06, To recover disk space, or simply as good housekeeping practice, you can delete the adrelink.

If AD Administration displays a list of warnings or errors and objects that did not generate successfully and asks if you want to continue as if successful, review utillty log file to determine if the problems require attention. The Generate Files tasks may be performed on any server, as required.

In this case, the file system version and the database version could be different.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Maintenance mode must be enabled before running AutoPatch and disabled during normal day-to-day operation.

The worker creates the restart file when the manager assigns it a job, and deletes the restart file when it finishes the job. In order to ensure that Oracle Applications system runs smoothly, we must perform routine maintenance tasks. Do you wish to activate this feature [No]? When you access the Adadmon Dashboard, you can see a general summary of your system activity.