Datasheet 18F – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. PDA. View Full Version: 18F Quaduature Encoder This change will be notified in a datasheet’s () future update. PIC18FI/P Microchip Technology 8-bit Microcontrollers – MCU 16KB RAM 34 I/O datasheet, inventory, & pricing.

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Now you need to know the PWM resolution to know the range of duty cycle bits. Ramps up, then down. I don’t have the 18F or Microchip motor control board, but this works on the 18F Not the PWM frequency.

18F Quaduature Encoder [Archive] – MEL PICBASIC Forum

Using Darrel’s interupt routines I managed to get motor controller for my robot working, with PID filter and all. One Pot is for Frequency, the other is for Duty. If you load into the period register, it will generate a PWM frequency of around I am a bit confused.

An 18F with two pots, a switch, and the FETs with datashedt.

I don’t fully understand how to plan for it, but I did figure out a relationship in my application and kind of applied a brute datashwet solution. This is part of it and not complete yet. LowByte hserout [“D”,dec duty,”F”,dec Freq] goto Main ‘ Loop end Fatasheet I said, I’m going to have to study my own work just to understand it better, but at least it works like it is suppose to. The switch controls if the output is pulsed DC or cycles both ways.


I was wondering if someone has done same thing in pic basic i. This should be more than enough for me to get started. Hi, This works for me on 18F, should be the same.

PWM Glitch on the 18F, 18F, 18F, and 18F for very low duty cycles | Microchip

I mean it’s really worth to understand this special function micro which i will face the App soon or later. Copyright c Controlled Surroundings Inc.

The more we pound on this and post the results, the datashset we can get a handle on it. On the pin version, forget using RE3 as an input. See this post http: That was a few weeks of hair pulling!.

Any help with the set up code would be appreciated.

First is the same thing that should be first for every new pic, can you blink a led? The rest seems yeeha as it’s taught in ” MTR” from Microchip. Isn’t that an awesome controller? That not only tells me that the program is running, but also that the frequency is correct – something that a blinking LED doesn’t do very well. Resolution is the number of bits you have to control the duty cycle. Yeah this one is a nifty series PIC for sure.


It’s a great uC! That said, there still seems to be a bit of mystery surrounding it’s use, at least to me. Subtract 1 for I’m using the 18F too.

PWM Glitch on the 18F2331, 18F2431, 18F4331, and 18F4431 for very low duty cycles

What I ended up with was this: I use the “Hello World” out the serial port test. The Quadrature-Encoder isn’t very strange Could you guide me how to do this.

I mean how to find the values for. I never managed to get QEI module going in velocity mode. I can control the Freq just fine, but it makes a mess of the duty.